Friday, March 30, 2007

babies and children out the wazoo.

i'm very pleased to have found out today that my friend theresa has found out she is having a baby boy. she and her husband have already decided on his name - cash joseph - which i love to death. he's due later on in the summer and i can't wait to meet him. i told her to put me on speed dial for babysitting services. he's gonna be a cute little handful. very very exciting stuff.

also, i had fun last night looking after gavin and addie, those kids are the most freaking adorable creatures this side of the world. as soon as i got into the van when tonya picked me up, gavin said 'hey miss kristy, you better look in my mouth right now!" the wiggly tooth i had been asking about for the last week or two had finally come out. when we got to the house, addie wouldn't let her mom help her out of the car seat, citing she'd prefer i do it.

i love them so much. last night they were trying to convince me that i should sleep over. when shark came home, gavin was passed out, but addie was still awake and she says to her dad, "um, daddy, miss kristy hasn't ever sleeped over." SO cute.

when those two are as well behaved as they were yesterday, it does nothing for my biological clock. i really hope i get to see how they turn out as they grow up. they're pretty much my all-time favorites out of all the kids i've ever sat for. they have so much personality.

anyways, enough about the kids. i'm off to go look after goodwin. i get to feed him baby food now instead of just bottles and babies make the most hilarious faces when you feed them, so i'm pretty excited about that.

oh, and in other non-baby news - joel got a second job and starts on monday. this is very good news for us due to bureaucratic slowdowns keeping me from getting my social security card and in turn, a real job. he's going to be working for bic - the pen company.

also, we have passes to a sneak preview screening of grindhouse for tuesday - which is also joel's birthday! so send him birthday love. email me if you need his email address.

ok. really have to go now.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

what the fug happened to natasha lyonne?

she used to be cute. then, she was all strung out on drugs and threatened to molest someone's dog. now, they say she's clean but judging by her outfit, i'm not entirely sure.
in other news, i am still freaking sick.

Friday, March 23, 2007

phlegm means getting better, right?

i just chugged a bottle of glaceau vitamin water in the hopes it will help KO my cold.

i realize this probably won't do jack, but it tastes so good i decided it will help.

i just got back from a walk to walgreens where i purchased said vitamin water along with some nasal spray - gross but necessary - as my cold has begun migrating from my chest to my head.

i just had to open my mouth last week about it had been at least six months since i had a cold. now, i am on day 5 or 6 of this bastard. it started with a sore throat and a wheezing cough and is now a dripping nose and disgusting sweat coupled with a phlegmy cough. mmm. delicious information for you, to be sure.

after today, only one more day til i have a day off. i have been babysitting every single day for about two and a half weeks. i use the term day off pretty loosely though. since i have been sick my home has fallen into a state of mess unseen since i got married and had to start giving somewhat of a shit about what my surroundings looked like. i haven't done laundry in almost two weeks and so really, my day will probably be pretty bustling despite my intention to sleep all day and all night before resuming my babysitting and life-organizing.

i was supposed to get a photo id and a social security card this week, but due to a combination of my cold and the disjointedness [to say the least] of the american bureaucracy, this has not been acheived. it's on the to-do list for next week.

at least i was organized enough to remember to buy my mother a birthday card.
damn, i gotta hit the showers. 45 minutes until i have to sprint outside after the bus that putters past my place once an hour.
[p.s. the snow patrol show on tuesday was really good. i would have rated it off the charts but through no fault of its own, it was ruined by my feeling feverish, cranky, and longing for bed. t-shirts were adorable but expensive. as was gary lightbody.]

Friday, March 16, 2007

procrastination of the highest order.

i am feeling productive and procastinatory [i declare this IS a word.] at the same time. i am supposed to be cleaning, and i AM, but i'm avoiding doing anything intensive.

i hung up my two paintings in the entry/dining area. i superglued the broken piece back onto the battery hatch of my camera only to find that another piece had broken off which was an even more integral part to keeping the camera latched. i'm pondering ways to creatively solve this problem that do not involve the usage of duct tape, but for now, the project is on the back burner.
my paintings are not nearly as nice as those of john everett millais. you might recognize the painting pictured in this entry - ophelia. it's one of the best-known works of art from the pre-raphaelite era and one of my all-time faves. also good are autumn leaves, the bridesmaid, and the blind girl. actually, all of his paintings are beautiful and i know i'm gonna kick myself for missing at least one other beloved one. ooh, the one of the hugenot and his lady. yeah, that one rocks.

it is awesomely raining outside. i wish it was daytime so that i could run around outside. if i was in canada, i'd probably do it, but one of the last times i went out at night some big drunk black dude tried to pick me up. he was very polite and once he knew i was married, he was pretty cool about it. he said that he would still help me move anytime and then quoted some maya angelou and shook my hand a lot.

so yeah. no going outside.
but anyhow, it's 1:29 in the morning and i want to sleep eventually, so i will get back to it.

another entry.

i found another journal entry that pretty much sums up my college experience:

Dorm parties...

I drank, I cooked, I watched helplessly as the toilet overflowed. I didn't have sex with anyone, contrary to rumour. Fuck, I can't do this anymore.

my college days were increbily liquor-soaked and not full of very much learning. well, unless you count learning which boys to avoid.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

nostalgia attacks.

lately i have been reading entries from my super old blog. i had one at a different location from '02-'05 before moving onto myspace, then here and facebook - a finger in every pie, you know.

mostly, i have just been reading former melodramas, but sometimes i come across things that genuinely amuse me like this entry from september of '03:

8:46p - this orange juice tastes like anus + fat cat american dollars.

My friends call me Charlie Chaplin, because when I'm drunk I tend to fall in a most comical manner.

Either that, or it's cause I'm a little tramp.

an aside:There's this guy at work [a baker] who has this smell that freaks me out. He seriously smells like one of my ex-boyfriends' penises. It's absolutely disturbing + I don't know how this is possible. I can't stand anywhere near him. It's not a bad smell, per se, it's jut not right.

current mood: sleepy
current music: "Sex + Candy" - Marcy Playground

I have always been a character.

Monday, March 12, 2007

from ball of garbage to the belle of the ball.

i woke up this morning from a particularly nasty dream. it was one of those awful teeth-related dreams. i still had braces and i broke them off my teeth only to find that the braces were the only things holding some of the teeth in place. some of them were yellow, others black.

it was super gross.

of course, wake up and teeth are all still in lovely shape. thank goodness.

so i lolled around this morning feeling a little nauseous and grumpy and depressed.

later, i hopped the bus to babysit goodwin and after his grandma left i recieved a barrage of calls from staffing companies wanting to help me get jobs only to find out that because i don't officially have a social security number yet, i can't register with them. it sucks, but most of them were really cool and sent me contact information so that once i do have it, i can start scoping out jobs with them. i talked to four different places - one of which just saw my resume on and called me. pretty cool.

so i felt like the prettiest girl at the dance. people want to throw jobs at me! hooray!

i am totaly starving. we're going to make dinner soon.

also - i have the world's nicest husband. he went to tj maxx and bought me a cool limited edition harajuku lovers mini-tote for no reason at all in the world. i have a serious amount of stefani-related merchandise. [3 hoodies, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of fleece pants, 3 purses, 4 t-shirts, 2 sleeveless tops, 1 wallet, 1 keychain, 1 makeup case, 1 jacket and 1 boatneck top.]

holy crap. my closet is practically a harajuku lovers or l.a.m.b. mini-boutique.

of course, you know i want more though. it's all so freakin' cute. i'm even wearing one of the t-shirts right now. i'm disgustingly addicted.

anyways, my husband usually needles me about said stefani addiction, so it was super sweet and completely unexpected that he threw gasoline on the fire. it picked up my day big time.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

four years ago-ish.

i wrote this:

there is a time and there is a place
there is an ocean and there is space
there is earth and there is sky
there is you and there is I

two hands that reach across distance great
a friendship that has made me believe in fate
a bond that still grows, we can't deny
there is you and there is I

no matter the words others will say
we have each other, come what may
whether it's smiles or tears to cry
there is you and there is I

we'll find our time and our place
to create our own enchanted space
between there, earth and the starry sky
there will be you and there'll be I

it's so horrible and wonderful how life changes. how long it has been since i was in that place.

Friday, March 09, 2007

r.i.p. drunk cockroach.

i just killed my first cockroach.

joel is usually home to do this for me, but since he's out I had to do it myself.

you should see how much bug spray is on the kitchen floor. i had to chase that sucker and it was running in a crooked ass line like a drunk running away from the cops.

i just cleaned the floor up and now i'm drinking some sangria. i figure this is a good enough excuse to drink alone.

yeah, like i need an excuse.

as seen on the number five bus.

i wish you could have seen this wonderful woman in person. her hair was a giant pineapple stacked high upon her head and then, from seemingly nowhere, there is a braid with a shiny gold scrunchie.
i quietly took out my camera, turned off the flash and snapped a picture.
this is why i love riding the bus. in calgary, all kinds of normal people rode the bus, but down here, it's mostly hobos and miscreants and me.
also seen yesterday: a man riding a bicycle down the street carrying an airconditioner. did he think it was going to keep him cool as he went for his afternoon ride?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

oh, the resonance.

When I met you I was just a kid
hadn’t built up my defenses
so I gave my heart completely
vaseline over the lenses

memories don’t go away
I remember every day
I never ever stop wondering
Wondering if you still think of us

I don’t need a photograph
cause you’ve never left my mind
No you’ve never left my mind

I remember feeling like a ship
whose captain was too drunk to steer
and you watched as I was sinking
waving sadly from the pier

It’s such a burden to carry ’round
the vestiges of dead dreams
and I don’t want to make a wake out of my life
I just had to let you go

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

resident alien

I have been aprroved! I am no longer simply a visitor in this country. The green card is in the mail.

However, they didn't have my alien registration number in the system, so I could not apply for my social security number. Too bad we had to sit there for nearly two hours to find that out. Have to go back in two weeks.

Also in two weeks? Snow Patrol concert! Yay!

Also a big thanks to my Canadian homies, Tay and B Dawg who sent the good vibrations up my way! It worked!

Also, I like the word also.

Americana is around the corner.

Joel and I are off to prove to the government that our marriage is not a sham for a green card.

Think good thoughts for us.

If all goes well, I go to apply for my Social Security Card today.

Friday, March 02, 2007

on the fence.

now malcom only has hair in the middle.

[pic from, hence the "hot".]

this hairdo might be cool if it didn't showcase the fact that he has incredibly tiny ears. i'm not hating, 'cause i've got midget ears too. but hey, he's gonna disappear five minutes ago, so why not have fun with his hair?

listening to the fratellis' record. not bad. again, on the fence. it has its moments.

i should so be in bed. i intended to be there like a half hour ago. i'm so tired and season two of the office is calling me to pass out in front of it the bedroom.

i want to go home for a visit. i feel homesick today.

stupid facebook.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

oh god, the utter insanity.

Facebook is eating my soul with gusto!

I'm now importing into my Facebook account. We'll see how this works. If you read this and you're on Facebook and not on my friends list, let me know so I can hook you up.

I might be becoming a fulltime nanny soon if things are all lined up. I'm not sure yet, but I am kind of hoping in my heart of hearts that it works out because I love spending time with this kid. Plus, being with a kid who isn't yours for 40 hours a week is sure to dull the desire to spawn one of your own.

Let's hope.

Going to watch Scurbs now. Later!