Sunday, July 30, 2006

greetings from terrace, bc

hey kids,

i'm home at my parents' house, a little detour from my original plans, but the first place i have accessed the internet in a week. finally, i think the tremors are slowing down...

arrived in smithers last sunday. was there til tuesday and then was off to granisle [aka the middlest of nowhere] for five days to hang out with my grandparents. went fishing, got my butt kicked playing pool with my grandpa and watched a LOT of tv. also finished "the devil wears prada". need a new book to read - desperately. perhaps i will go look for one tomorrow.

will be here til wednesday, then it's back to smithers til saturday or sunday - haven't decided yet. after which, i will be returning to calgary. then, home til the 11th which is when i leave on a jetplane bound for italy to drink wine and take in the sights and get fat eating pasta and gelato. can't wait.

haven't had much time to catch up on everyone's blogs, but i hope all of you are doing well. thinking of you all [especially my husband].

this trip has been very taxing emotionally, but i feel better being with my immediate family. my brother is here too, the little stoner.

well, time for dinner. later.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

mustaches for all

Friday, July 21, 2006

moustache masquerade. july 21st. feel it.

krunk hogan lives!

Monday, July 17, 2006

our lady of lists

god, i just got the urge to write something horrible and evil and mean in a certain person's blog. however, i realized that it would make me no better than said person and would be a major waste of energy.

i think i'll just go out on the town and fake number guys with her name and number. way more fun and much more creative.

i am obsessed with downloading television shows. latest obsession - the show "weeds". it's a slow start, you don't know a lot of backstory and you're basically thrown into the world of these characters as bits and pieces become revealed along the way. after watching the first episode, i almost dismissed it, but the show has a tendancy to throw you a really effed up curveball towards the middle or end of each episode that just hooked me. it's a quirky little show and i can't wait for season two. plus, the song that plays over the show's intro is hilarious and retro. give it a shot if you can find it.

anyways, i was supposed to be going to bed, so perhaps i will do that.

mmmm. maximo park on my itunes. deliciousness.

god, i miss my husband. 57 days til his visit and 64 til we go home.


what the hell is this? i saw this old picture and just started laughing. i look like a drunk fish.

my mom hates the necklace i'm wearing in this picture. she called it my betty rubble necklace. i choose to take that as a compliment. betty rubble is one hip lady. and you know she's gotta have somthing going on if she's into midgets.

anyways, most of my busy work is done. just waiting for my new married name holding ID shows up so i can sling in my application for my passport before i hit the road for s-town and g-ville. not looking forward to that mother of a bus ride, but hey, it'll be alright. i put in for seat selection so i can have exactly the seat i want. i'm such a crafty bugger. we're throwing a huge party the night before i leave which will probably leave me hungover and gross, so i opted for the seat selection so that i didn't have to run my ass off to get to the bus, i can roll in 30 min before the bus is set to leave and be able to throw my ass down for a nap right as soon as i get on that sucker. keeps the strangers from sitting with you. hopefully the bus isn't insanely full. i want as much space to myself as possible.

so it looks like my itinerary is set to shap up like this - get to smithers sunday afternoon, chill with my grandma until tuesday when my other grandparents come into town for their shopping, then make my way to granisle for a week, then towards the end of that week, my brother will come up and we will go fishing with grandpa and then he'll take me back to smithers where i will chill with my grandma again. i'm making it a point to spend as much time with my family in those towns as much as i can. i get back to calgary on the 6th of august, leaving me five days to do laundry, decompress and recharge for europe.

then i leave again august 11th.

day after tomorrow i should be picking up my eurail pass.

so damn exciting.

we had good times yesterday. went to all you can eat sushi, came home and rode the sloshed train for a bit. played crib and drank tequila. went for a walk and a talk with kat and later chilled out on the deck with some citronella candles. like i said, good times.

ooh. also got to play unofficial DJ for kat. she let me program a GB and a half of music on her ipod. that was super fun. found a lot of interesting and fun stuff that should be neat for her to listen to while traversing the european countryside.

backtracking a little to the party we're having, it's going to a mustache masquerade party - meaning you have to come wearing facial hair of some kind - preferably fake and tacky. this is a must! you can draw it on if you wish as well, but you have to do it! i don't want to be forced to draw a mustache on you with a green sharpie! i'll do it! don't make me come down there!

that's pretty much all you need to know. we will be making sangria to share, but it is advisable that you bring your own booze, because you know that sangria goes fast. we will also be providing snacky foods and possibly hot dogs hot off the barbie. no shrimp though, aussies.

if you so wish - bring music, bring games, bring your A game, bring a guest - not toooooo many though, we only live in a condo. you may also want to bring a deck chair if you plan on hanging out on the deck as we only have three, but we may be setting up our tent as well.

yeah. so that's it. i'm tired. it's so hard being semi-retired.

hey! i heard that! pssh, you're just jealous. ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

hobo snot.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

my head's a buzzing nest of bees.

hooray for freedom.

yesterday was my last day at ADT. i was pretty happy to resign, but once i got home i felt a little more emotional than i was expecting. there are people i will definitely miss seeing on a regular basis, some i really won't and some i wish i gotten to say a better goodbye to. one of my supervisors taped me to my chair in protest which was pretty funny. *sighs* i dunno. i called joel when i got home and cried a little bit, but had to laugh at myself - i mean, i've wanted nothing more than to dump this job for the last 6-7 months, but now that i've quit, i feel a little weird. i mean, i don't have to worry about feeding or housing myself without my job, but not having that extra security twice a month is a little scary.

just have to behave myself spending wise.

i dyed my hair with a home kit for the first time since the beginning of this year. i bought one of those kits that comes with highlights. i completely suck at doing them, but i feel like i did an alright job. good enough anyhow.

might be finally going to see the new pirates movie tonight. but i might not. depends on my movie partner. *LOL* going to the zoo on wednesday with cam and darryl [and whoever else might like to come along that can make it.] and we're having a party at my house this friday, but i'll dish further details on that later. we're still in the planning stage.

tomorrow's a busy day - i have to go get passport photos done, go see my doctor to fill out the guarantor portion of the application, buy my rail pass for europe and buy my bus ticket to smithers. gotta be up early [well, early for me] cause my doctor is only in from 8am-1pm. so i figure i'll be up at ten, go ge the photos done, buy my rail pass, hop the train to brentwood and get my doc to fill out the paperwork and then hop back on the train and head downtown to the greyhound station to get my ticket for the bus.


haven't heard anything back yet about my poop test. i would imagine if there was an issue, i'd know it by now. thank god for that.

anyways, back to work. i have much to do today at home.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my parents are so proud.

here's the wedding announcement my parents put in two different newspapers to show the terrace/smithers area that i got married.

my mom realized as she sent me this that my middle name was spelled wrong. hahaha. she sent in a correction immediately.

pretty cool.

Friday, July 07, 2006

the ceremony photos!

frustration capital of the internet

welcome to blogger - where nothing works when you want it to!

fuck blogger.

ceremony photos 1 to come.

you'll notice of course, the label on the photos - i took these samples off the website of the company that did our photography. these guys wanted seven hundred bucks just for a cd with all of the photos on them. why so much? they wanted us to buy the publishing rights in order to get the images. now, tell me, who just has that cash just lying around in their wallet.

so, here's my way of sticking it to the man. enjoy.

ceremony photos 2

cuteness overload.

look! we have rings! quelle suprise!
the handsomest couple ever!
this one is my absolute favorite of all the photos taken.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


loveliness abounds.

just when i have everything all settled and mapped out life does what life does and decides to throw a wrench in the gears.

i can't have my wisdom teeth out on friday. why, you ask? well, i'll tell you - after all, this is my blog and i have little shame.

you see, yesterday i went to the bathroom for a [brace yourself] number two and what came out was black. i flashed back to that episode of the family guy with the catholic version of "everybody poops" called "you're a wicked little child and that's concentrated evil coming out the back of you!"

i immediately consulted the list of possible side effects for those king kong antibiotics i had just taken the last of a few hours prior. i couldn't find anything about black poop, so i called the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist. she said black poop could be indicative of blood in your poop which was one of the "go to your doctor straight away if this happens" symptoms.


so i called to see if i could see my own doctor and no dice til friday - the day i was getting my wisdoms out. so, i told them i would just see the walk-in doctor the next day - which would be today.

so, i go and the doctor orders this test that involves me collecting a poop sample and using something that looks like one of those wooden coffee stirsticks to scrape a small amount of poop onto this little card and then i have to take it to the lab. once at the lab, they put some mystery chemical on it and if it changes color i have blood in my poop.

and then?

i'm not sure.

but i asked the doctor if i should proceed with the extraction and she strongly advised postponing it, which does NOT make me happy. especially since i called the dentist and they can not reschedule my extraction til august 31st! so, i was faced with the lovely choice of either going ahead with my plans and quitting my job and pushing ahead my vacations and paying for the extraction myself - as in august i won't have the insurance - OR not quitting my job and forfeiting all vacations including italy so i only have to pay like 30% of the extraction.

i chose to go ahead and quit. i typed up a resignation letter and am having a co-worker hand deliver it to the business analyst. however, i will not be booking any tickets for travel until i know more about what's wrong with me - which i won't know for a bit as i can't do the test on my poop for three days because you can't eat or drink certain things before you do the test, then i have to wait for it to be processed, so it probably won't be til after the weekend.

oh well, paying the $1800 for the extraction is better than possibly losing the $2100 on my ticket if i couldn't get it refunded.

about the only thing that's nice in this situation is that since i put in my notice today and had previously booked two vacation days to allow for wisdom teeth healing i only have to work 3 out of the 7 days of notice AND i get paid for 5 of them.

hooray 4 day weekend.

tonight i'm going with my roommates to superman on the imax 3D as a way of cheering and distracting myself. take that, black poop.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

lynsey's ceremony photos

Monday, July 03, 2006

more ceremony/reception photos courtesy of lynsey

my family cleans up nice.
guest group photo!
the randrup ladies looking cozy!
the randrup men. i think i get the eyes closed in pictures gene from my dad.
maybe someone's next? *wink*
the whole fam damily. just wish i wasn't closing my eyes.
just the ladies now.
posing outside the chapel.
getting ready to toss the garter!