Sunday, July 30, 2006

greetings from terrace, bc

hey kids,

i'm home at my parents' house, a little detour from my original plans, but the first place i have accessed the internet in a week. finally, i think the tremors are slowing down...

arrived in smithers last sunday. was there til tuesday and then was off to granisle [aka the middlest of nowhere] for five days to hang out with my grandparents. went fishing, got my butt kicked playing pool with my grandpa and watched a LOT of tv. also finished "the devil wears prada". need a new book to read - desperately. perhaps i will go look for one tomorrow.

will be here til wednesday, then it's back to smithers til saturday or sunday - haven't decided yet. after which, i will be returning to calgary. then, home til the 11th which is when i leave on a jetplane bound for italy to drink wine and take in the sights and get fat eating pasta and gelato. can't wait.

haven't had much time to catch up on everyone's blogs, but i hope all of you are doing well. thinking of you all [especially my husband].

this trip has been very taxing emotionally, but i feel better being with my immediate family. my brother is here too, the little stoner.

well, time for dinner. later.


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