Monday, July 17, 2006

our lady of lists

god, i just got the urge to write something horrible and evil and mean in a certain person's blog. however, i realized that it would make me no better than said person and would be a major waste of energy.

i think i'll just go out on the town and fake number guys with her name and number. way more fun and much more creative.

i am obsessed with downloading television shows. latest obsession - the show "weeds". it's a slow start, you don't know a lot of backstory and you're basically thrown into the world of these characters as bits and pieces become revealed along the way. after watching the first episode, i almost dismissed it, but the show has a tendancy to throw you a really effed up curveball towards the middle or end of each episode that just hooked me. it's a quirky little show and i can't wait for season two. plus, the song that plays over the show's intro is hilarious and retro. give it a shot if you can find it.

anyways, i was supposed to be going to bed, so perhaps i will do that.

mmmm. maximo park on my itunes. deliciousness.

god, i miss my husband. 57 days til his visit and 64 til we go home.


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