Thursday, July 13, 2006

my head's a buzzing nest of bees.

hooray for freedom.

yesterday was my last day at ADT. i was pretty happy to resign, but once i got home i felt a little more emotional than i was expecting. there are people i will definitely miss seeing on a regular basis, some i really won't and some i wish i gotten to say a better goodbye to. one of my supervisors taped me to my chair in protest which was pretty funny. *sighs* i dunno. i called joel when i got home and cried a little bit, but had to laugh at myself - i mean, i've wanted nothing more than to dump this job for the last 6-7 months, but now that i've quit, i feel a little weird. i mean, i don't have to worry about feeding or housing myself without my job, but not having that extra security twice a month is a little scary.

just have to behave myself spending wise.

i dyed my hair with a home kit for the first time since the beginning of this year. i bought one of those kits that comes with highlights. i completely suck at doing them, but i feel like i did an alright job. good enough anyhow.

might be finally going to see the new pirates movie tonight. but i might not. depends on my movie partner. *LOL* going to the zoo on wednesday with cam and darryl [and whoever else might like to come along that can make it.] and we're having a party at my house this friday, but i'll dish further details on that later. we're still in the planning stage.

tomorrow's a busy day - i have to go get passport photos done, go see my doctor to fill out the guarantor portion of the application, buy my rail pass for europe and buy my bus ticket to smithers. gotta be up early [well, early for me] cause my doctor is only in from 8am-1pm. so i figure i'll be up at ten, go ge the photos done, buy my rail pass, hop the train to brentwood and get my doc to fill out the paperwork and then hop back on the train and head downtown to the greyhound station to get my ticket for the bus.


haven't heard anything back yet about my poop test. i would imagine if there was an issue, i'd know it by now. thank god for that.

anyways, back to work. i have much to do today at home.


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