Monday, July 17, 2006


what the hell is this? i saw this old picture and just started laughing. i look like a drunk fish.

my mom hates the necklace i'm wearing in this picture. she called it my betty rubble necklace. i choose to take that as a compliment. betty rubble is one hip lady. and you know she's gotta have somthing going on if she's into midgets.

anyways, most of my busy work is done. just waiting for my new married name holding ID shows up so i can sling in my application for my passport before i hit the road for s-town and g-ville. not looking forward to that mother of a bus ride, but hey, it'll be alright. i put in for seat selection so i can have exactly the seat i want. i'm such a crafty bugger. we're throwing a huge party the night before i leave which will probably leave me hungover and gross, so i opted for the seat selection so that i didn't have to run my ass off to get to the bus, i can roll in 30 min before the bus is set to leave and be able to throw my ass down for a nap right as soon as i get on that sucker. keeps the strangers from sitting with you. hopefully the bus isn't insanely full. i want as much space to myself as possible.

so it looks like my itinerary is set to shap up like this - get to smithers sunday afternoon, chill with my grandma until tuesday when my other grandparents come into town for their shopping, then make my way to granisle for a week, then towards the end of that week, my brother will come up and we will go fishing with grandpa and then he'll take me back to smithers where i will chill with my grandma again. i'm making it a point to spend as much time with my family in those towns as much as i can. i get back to calgary on the 6th of august, leaving me five days to do laundry, decompress and recharge for europe.

then i leave again august 11th.

day after tomorrow i should be picking up my eurail pass.

so damn exciting.

we had good times yesterday. went to all you can eat sushi, came home and rode the sloshed train for a bit. played crib and drank tequila. went for a walk and a talk with kat and later chilled out on the deck with some citronella candles. like i said, good times.

ooh. also got to play unofficial DJ for kat. she let me program a GB and a half of music on her ipod. that was super fun. found a lot of interesting and fun stuff that should be neat for her to listen to while traversing the european countryside.

backtracking a little to the party we're having, it's going to a mustache masquerade party - meaning you have to come wearing facial hair of some kind - preferably fake and tacky. this is a must! you can draw it on if you wish as well, but you have to do it! i don't want to be forced to draw a mustache on you with a green sharpie! i'll do it! don't make me come down there!

that's pretty much all you need to know. we will be making sangria to share, but it is advisable that you bring your own booze, because you know that sangria goes fast. we will also be providing snacky foods and possibly hot dogs hot off the barbie. no shrimp though, aussies.

if you so wish - bring music, bring games, bring your A game, bring a guest - not toooooo many though, we only live in a condo. you may also want to bring a deck chair if you plan on hanging out on the deck as we only have three, but we may be setting up our tent as well.

yeah. so that's it. i'm tired. it's so hard being semi-retired.

hey! i heard that! pssh, you're just jealous. ;)


Blogger lifeindeadtime said...

I wish I could go to your fake moustache party!

12:06 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

we could have our own some other time with florida people!

12:46 PM  

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