Friday, April 28, 2006



James Vanderbeek On All The Drugs In Coloumbia as Darryl

The Genetic Offspring of James Dean and Professor Frink as Michael

Steve The Drunken Shaved Ape as Cam

Stupendra The Albino Mutant Lizard Girl as Kristy


Internet Dating Superstud

IDS 2: The Drunkening

The closest anyone at the table came to getting laid that night.

This was before Cam started to get rowdy.

I told you so.

Darryl tried to win our hearts by singing us a sailor's shanty from his childhood on the seashore.

Cam hated it... we made Darryl drink a cement mixer.

He said it was a fair punishment, but I think he silently resented us.

I tried to admire my handiwork, but was starting to feel the effects.

Michael tried to capture some of the action -

- with varied degrees of success.

Some of us thought it prudent to retire for the night.

While visions of oneself as Billy Idol danced in his head.

Michael summoned the barkeep and our tab with his telepathic skills.

And with a parting crotch shot our story came to a close, a merry sausagefestbirthdaypartyextravaganza! to all, and to all a good night!

post-show clowning

franz ferdinand starring in "how nosebleed were our seats".

AND WE HAD FUCKING PRESALE SEATS!!!! and these pictures? taken using the close up function on my camera.

that being said, even from 18 million miles away and needing opera glasses, the show was amazing. franz = deliciousness supreme. i even overcame my fear of falling over drunkenly from that height to get up and dance during the encore when they played "outsiders" which is my favorite off the new album. they rocked the living shit out of older tracks such as "this fire", "take me out" was a showstopping frenzy and their live rendition of "darts of pleasure" nearly knocked me to the moon.

i would die to see these guys in a much smaller venue. i would never stop dancing. ever.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

to the anonymous poster with love.

the next time you want to come by my blog and call my fiance ugly, why don't you perhaps grow some balls and sign your name to it?

or better yet grow the fuck up. no one's asking for your opinion.

Friday, April 21, 2006

zoo pics