Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!

Well, today is the last day of the old year. It's been a really good one.
Settled the case.
Got Married.
Went to Europe.
Moved in with my husband. [FINALLY!]
Sent off my immigration papers.
Things are finally happening. The new year is gonna bring me a new job and hopefully some more travelling. Also, my sisters intend to visit me at some point this year which I am greatly looking forward to.
I don't know if 2007 can top 2006, but it sure as hell is gonna try.
Have the happiest New Year's Eve ever! May the coming year be the best yet - happy, challenging, healthy, surprising, and full of fun and laughter! Kick some serious ass in '07!
And again, to those negative people who insist on posting their pettiness - you aren't hurting me, kids. I read them and laugh. You need to take a remedial grammar course very badly. I may not be the best typist or speller, but you guys are ridiculous. Kiss off! Spend your energy on something productive - trying to start faceless arguements on the internet only proves how small and bored you really are. You know you're better than that! Expand your mind and find a real hobby!

Now, as for the Muppet poster, I am off to go see a restored print of The Muppet Movie at Tampa Theatre [the place where I saw Jenny Lewis in October] with Rita this afternoon. I'm excited.

on a search...

Today I went digging and picking through the itunes store looking for new and interesting things on which to spend the gift certificate Rita got me for Christmas. I got a real laugh looking through their archives of celebrity playlists. I definitely found some stuff I liked, borrowing musical tastes from the likes of Ben Gibbard, Elijah Wood, Butch Vig, Kathleen Hannah and others.

I also downloaded the new Arcade Fire single, "Intervention", which made me feel really really warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me think of the joy I felt deep in my core when I was blitzed out of my mind watching the Arcade Fire play on my birthday last year. Raynna, Matt and I went and Raynna and I were cheap and didn't want to spend money on drinking, so while we were getting ready, we downed shot after shot after shot of vodka [I was chasing my shots with a mixed drink! What a lush...] and I remember being afraid of how drunk I was before we even got to the show, so I made them stop across the street at the convenience [sp?] store so I could buy an energy drink to balance myself out. Raynna already had a ticket, Matt and I didn't, so we had to troll for scalpers and we were each successful and in fairly quickly. I found Raynna and we went outside to the smoking area, where we impressively covertly smoked a joint [still amazed that we pulled that shit off - normally I am the most paranoid girl in the world and would never have done that if I hadn't been drinking.] I was bummed in retrospect that I had not given the openers - WOLF PARADE - closer attention as I later fell in so love with them, but I was just not in the frame of mind to think of anything but the Arcade Fire, who played an incredible show. I had a fucking sublime experience at that show, feeling so happy and soulful and pumped right up. Unfortunately, Raynna did not fare as well, but I will spare her and you the details of her unhappy evening.

Anyways, I'm missing my former state of music-devouring searching for new and exciting things in the musical world. So I'm attempting to reclaim some of that mindframe. I really listened to the little snippets for things that spoke to me and here's what I downloaded today:

"Woman" and "Joker and The Theif"' - Wolfmother : I've been meaning to get some of their music for a while - perfect for that retro-feel rockout you've been meaning to have.

"Faking The Books" - Lali Puna : Someone please tell me how I missed this group. Airy, beautiful voices - The Postal Service slowed down and run by some dreamy girls.

"With A Girl Like You" - The Troggs : One of those songs you've heard a million times but you have no idea who sang it. Something you can listen to that your parents will actually like.

"Nonsense" - Komeda : This sounds like it could have been used on the soundtrack the The Royal Tenenbaums - if the Tenenbaums were a pinch more modern - it has that twinkling sound and is sung by a woman with an accent of non-specific origin. Move over, Nico.

"Even Now We Are Preparing To Love You" - Puny Human : I just love their band name. This song should hang out with Wolfmother and have a couple of beers.

"Struggle" - Ringside : This one has just the right beat, it's marching through my head - sparse but hooky. It conjures up a drive through a hot city looking for something sexy. Very hawt.

"Teenie Weenie Boppie" - Free Kitten : Judging by title, you might think it's a kid's song, but it's a band with Kim Gordon in it. No further reason needed. Not kid's stuff.

"Second Nature" - Electronic : A relaxed mantra song. Kinda like the Scissor Sisters if they calmed down and lost the camp. Very vaguely 70's, a little 80's with a chorus built for singing along.

"Perfect Little Secret" - Gary Lightbody : This little gem was an added bonus to itunes deluxe edition of Snow Patrol's excellent "Eyes Open". The perfect song for anyone who's carrying a torch for someone else in secret.

"Evelyn" - De Rosa : This was a pleasant little find from a band I want to know more about. These guys have incredible snapping drums and a little jangle in a song about a girl who's "the product of a life spent waiting". I felt like they were talking to me there.

"Modern Inventions" - The Submarines : Whitney over at Pop Candy has been pimping these guys out like mad, so I felt they were due a little look-see. I love their harmonies and slightly fuzzy sound - they even have a little bit of strings in there - throw in male and female vocals both equal in beauty and it's good vibrations.

So yeah, I downloaded a couple of other things that were not new to me, but just a few. I still have like 13 bucks left, so I may dig some more tomorrow before or after my date to see The Muppet Movie with Rita and her new fellow Juan [who, I am pleased to add, seems to be a very nice fellow - good job, darlin'!]. We shall see, but it's like 1:30ish and I should be getting to bed.

Enough writing for now.

"Stars are good to eat, you know. They taste like wishes." - G.S.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

a slice of delicious creepy from 'it's a small world'

i found this drunk bitch in the africa section. she tried to climb into my boat and lick joel.
i'm off to babysit some super adorable kids for the afternoon.
didn't get home from disney til 1:30am.
so tired.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

screw you guys...


Joel's boss just gave us passes that are good for 1 park that expire Saturday!

I'm such a little kid. I have been running around the house screaming and jumping like an idiot.

When he gets home, he's eating and then we're leaving! YAY!

Now, I just have to pick a park!

I love you, Shark!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

i can't pimp these guys out enough...

gogol bordello. i want these guys to put out a new record and tour this year. i need to be a part of the crazy insane wonderful live experience i've read their shows to be.
seriously. put one of their records on. i dare you not to want to hang out in the gypsy part of town and dance.
new favorite? "snake rifle" from gogol bordello vs. tamir muskat.
i wanna be a part of the j.u.f.!

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Sex Machine Is No More...

R.I.P. James Brown

Thanks for everything, Soul Man. You'll be missed.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Ho-Ho!

Merriest of Christmases, kids. I'm a Christmas Eve celebrator, so this is my day to get my X-mas on!

Since it's just Joel and I, we're doing a small dinner tonight and then opening our gifts from my family. I've got the Grinch Who Stole Christmas [the cartoon, not that shitty Jim Carrey befouled mess that was the live action movie...] on the TiVo and some egg nog in the fridge. I'm so set. Later, I'll be placing calls to the family back home to wish them some love in each of their celebrations of the day.

I talked to my mom and found out about some seriously heinous Grinch action on behalf of a certain colossal bitch within my family. Sucks to put a major black mark on the holiday like that, but my parents are tough people and they have their own thing lined up, so it's all good. It just means certain calls will have to be placed earlier than others so I can catch people before they move on to the Grinch's cave for the night.

I wish her heart could grow three sizes too big, but fat chance. Some people are just doomed to be what they are.

Anyways, I hope those of you who celebrate the season have a fantastic holiday this year! I hope all the things you desire are waiting for you under the tree and coming true in your lives. My friends and family are a very special bunch of people and I wish them all the warmest wishes possible! [Of course, this does not except anyone who is celebrating other seasons - be it Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, whatever. May you experience the very best this time of year has to offer!]

Friday, December 22, 2006

how does one dress THAT up as fava beans?

simultaneously one of the funniest and stupidest things i have ever heard.

just when you thought hollywood couples couldn't get any weirder...

oh man...

fired off an email to some of my kids today. missing them hardcore. anyone who was there for this night knows the kind of fun i'm missing. haven't had one of those sauced, insane, everyone is shouting type of nights in ages.

argh. nostalgia. i want to go back. just for one night.

anyone want to loan me a time machine?

for phoebe

even though i look like my neck is going to eat my head, i love being pictured with this girl.

remember this?

letters from my Bonerton neighbours in Animal Crossing

"A plastic bottle, you and me. Sounds like fun." What on earth are you looking for Samson? A medium pace? Yikes!

"I just used this pen to pick my nose. FYI. It's kind of stinky, but still in great condition." Ugh.
Charming fellows in my town.

dinner at dan marino's in three pictures.

look close and tell me.
what does this light fixture remind you of?

true love.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

updation across the nation!

took a bath today and relaxed. listened to some music and belted out along. soaked and splashed and all that jazz. good stuff.

i was bowled over by a wave of nostalgia. there are a lot of people i am missing. it's just that time of year. i thought a lot about people i used to be close to. i don't speak with a lot of them anymore. i have noticed a pattern of escape in my life. when i look back, i see that i have always been moving to run away from something - bad boyfriends, deep depressions, instability in my home - but i am happy to report this last move seems less like running and more like a long overdue voyage. i didn't come here to escape something, i came here to claim something that's been mine for a long time. not just the obvious, but also a real true sense of belonging. it's hard won, but it's mine. finally. i suppose it doesn't really serve me well to look over my shoulder now and lament the things that i broke way back when, but i think some of them could be worth fixing if only they want to be fixed. i guess we'll see.

of course when looking back, there's always places i inevitably return to in my mind - the big two that hurt - but i think i'm looking at them a little more objectively these days. at least i hope i am. sometimes i lie awake at night thinking about how i've grown since those days, feeling a little less grown than i am, but i think that's just always going to be something i struggle with. i'm a worrier, a fretful person. i will always think that the mistakes made were entirely mine and that's why they're still in my big bag of silent burdens, but even that big bag is feeling a little bit lighter these days.

i think once life begins to resemble normal again all of this thinking will eventually die down. it doesn't help that i haven't much of a livelihood besides my husband, house, computer and new DS. i've almost filled my sketchpad, i sent my christmas and hanukkah cards on time and now i am most happy to report that we have gone to the lawyer, signed all the paperwork, written the big cheque and now our forms are all on their way to mesquite, texas for filing.

that's right - soon we will have reciepts back in the mail stating our papers have been received. this is significant because it is the first piece of proof we'll have for anyone who may need to know that we're doing things through all the proper channels. granted, as a canadian, i am legally allowed to be inside this country for six months but if anyone were to come knocking on the door, we'll have something to show.

it feels very very good. what didn't feel good? getting stuck with a bunch of needles a few days prior for my medical exam - making sure i'm disease-free and all that jazz. glad to report i'm clean as a whistle and $190 poorer. however, that's kinda peanuts next to the cheques we've written for legal fees.

anyways, we had rita over for dinner to celebrate not only our happy news, but also her approval for a home loan. i love that girl, and it's so good to see her so happy. things are going swimmingly fore her and it's about damn time. she so very much deserves it! plus, she thinks my lasagna is tasty as hell, so she earns major points there. ;)

in other news, i'm highly distressed as the lid to the battery hatch on my camera has cracked on one side and now the hatch does not stay closed properly. it stays closed enough that i can still use it, but i'm scared it will not take much to break that small cracked edge off entirely. i adore my camera to little bits and now it seems that is literal.

oh, and i can't forget our lovely time with the darksouls. fantasticness indeed. i'm tired and since this is so long, i will post some pics in an accompanying entry and then be done for the night and off to bed.

listening to tokyo police club. new adorations are forming. oooh. sppon has a new rekkid coming out in '07 - beyond excited. okay okay, pics then bed.

better hair pics

making a face. a scary one.
you can see the redness way better here.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new 'do.

it's redder than you would be able to gather by looking at these pics. i liked the blonde, but it was time for a change. next change? i need a fucking haircut - my bangs are way too long.

damn, do i ever love how much bluer my eyes look when i darken my hair!

on the agenda...

today: cleaning + laundry + hair dye! blonde no more? soon you'll see.

tonight: rita's coming for dinner - it's an all-round celebration! rita has been approved for a home loan and joel and i have sent in the necessary paperwork for my immigration! we're having lasagna and possibly some wine! yay!

will post more later, but i want to get a move on with that hair dye.

What tops my Chrismukkah wishlist?

You really wanna know?

Well, okay...


Friday, December 15, 2006

dinner and krunk.

tomorrow this sexy foursome will be reunited to paint the town red.

i might not wear the dress again, but maybe i will get my hair done like a country singing poodle once more.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

file this one under season's beatings...

I buy you champagne and roses, put diamonds on your fingers...

Charlie Brown Christmas...for Scrubs fans.

This is why I love reading Pop Candy. You find the coolest things.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

is this a sign?

today, more than once, things have gone unintentionally flying to the floor nearly crushing or stabbing my feet.

i wasn't being careless. honest.

i think the universe wants to hurt my feet.

what the hell?

we like to make silly faces.

pre-NBT6 dinner shot.
anyways. it's been a good while since i felt like doing any writing. not feeling down, not feeling up, just feeling meh.
friday night i went back in time and was once again a babysitter. i looked after the most well-behaved five year old boy in the universe. hands down. the only time he got remotely near disagreeable was when i had to give him a bath and really, he just tried to talk me out of washing his hair. we made a deal which traded hair washing for a later bedtime, and once the agreed-upon bedtime came, he went with absolutely no fuss. it was awesome. i watched the movie 'cars' and then his parents got home and i got a cool 50 bucks.
last night we went to limey's - site of tree's bachelorette party. it was a decent time, but unfortunately, we chose the wrong barmaid to order drinks from. she carded us and wouldn't take my ID. she even asked me if i could show her my passport! i explained i never carry it because it's too difficult to replace and a bar is an easy place to lose things. she was bitchy, but agreed. joel asked if she was having difficulty finding my date of birth on it [it's not underneath the picture and it usually makes it harder for people down here to locate] and she flipped out. she said she was "going to" take it, but since we had "an attitude" about it, she wasn't going to.
completely uncool.
fortunately, since we're trying to keep things on the cheap, we'd brought a flask [yeah, next stop alcoholism!] so we just went down to the patio where everyone else was situated and drank our contraband hooch and that was that. though, we were greatly encouraged when our friends offered to cash out their tabs and walk - there were at least 15 of us - but we didn't want to put a damper on the night. they tried to get us to talk to the manager, but i didn't really feel like making a fuss as i was okay not giving the place my cash. we just chilled and talked with kate.
good times indeed, even if that barmaid was an utter cunty bitch.
missing my pals back home something fierce today. local peeps, you know i love you, but i'm just having nostalgia. plus, two of my friends back home got horribly screwed over by their employer and i wish i could be around to cheer them up. if i could get us all inside a time machine, i'd take us to the night gallery for funk night - but one that our back then selves were not at so we don't cause a disturbance in the space-time continuum - because as every good nerd knows that would be catastrophic!
oh lord.
anyways, i miss all my kids back home, but in most cases it's like beating my head up against a wall. welcome to the pity party, right? it's saddening, but i'm a tough girl. i just wish people had the guts to be honest and admit they're not into it if that's the case. because if they are up there missing me, it doesn't make sense to be so hands off.
but like i said. done begging for attention and affection. i get plenty down here from some very great people. i love my little network down here. talked to kate last night about the possibility of a girls' night for the gwen stefani show in may as both phoebe and liane have expressed interest in attending the show. so far looks like green lights on all sides, but of course, it IS months from now, so we'll see what happens.
oh, and last night i had a second person request my shopping assistance due to admiration of my own clothes/accessories. hmm...maybe i should start a personal shopping business. i'm completely kidding. as i've gotten older, i care so much less about what other people think about how i dress and all that shit, so it's definitely so so flattering because i don't think of myself as much of a fashionista. i just like to play around with what i wear because i think dressing yourself should be fun and expressive no matter what you're dressing for. i used to toy around with the idea of getting into design to a point where i would do scads of sketches when i worked doing surveys on the phone, but i never put a lot of energy or thought into pursuing it. guess i just thought too much about how many people could do it better than i ever could. plus, i was terrible in sewing class in high school, but i do definitely daydream about making my own clothes.
more things that require money money money which i am trying to be good about not spending seeing as i can't yet work.
made a useless attempt to paint. i think i will try it again this week as i am going to have more time to myself this week. [joel is working middays] i also think i want to have someone over for dinner this week. maybe. we'll see.
anyways, enough blah blah blah. i'm going to go hit the showers.

fatal attraction to cuteness...

love it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NBT 6: Tom's penis.

We were in the backstage area after his band's set [we being me, Lindsey and Brandy [the wives of members of a local band [Trace of Day, who opened the show] and all round nice ladies], actually kind of looking to see if we could see Tom as he had become chummy with Lindsey and she had a set list she wanted to get signed. I gave her my mini-Sharpie which I had brought for such occasions. We chilled for a bit outside the Angels and Airwaves dressing room area, waiting for Tom to come by. Some people went in and we were getting restless, so I stepped up to the door and stood on my tiptoes and peeked into the room. Lindsey and Brandy were killing themselves laughing. I didn't really see anything, but a few moments later, someone peaked out through the blinds and then put their mouth between the separated blinds and wagged their tongue at us. Soon Tom came out and so we went over and said hi. Lindsey told him about the set list which he signed. Me, being a dork said, "And I just wanted to say hi again." [as I had already met him when that pic was snapped.] This is what ensued:

Tom: [smiles] Hi again!
Kristy: Hi! [laughs a little bit too loudly and then feels like and idiot] Um, sorry, it's just that my 16 year old self is operating instead of my 26 year old self.
Tom: It's okay, my penis acts like it's 16 a lot of the time.
Kristy: Really? 'Cause for you I heard it was a little... [motions with her hand indicating lower]
Tom: [laughs a little] Actually, my penis is more like 8. I mean, It looks like an 8 year old's. Yeah, my penis is 8, I'm 30, and I'm also 90 in bed.
All of us girls: [laughing] Oh, that's what every girl likes to hear. That's hot. Be still my beating heart.

We talked a little bit more, but that was pretty much the cap of my day. Lindsey said she was surprised he went right to talking about his penis, but I just laughed and asked her if she had ever listened to a Blink 182 record. When I told Kate about it, her eyes got really wide when I got the the part about indicating his penis was much less mature than 16. She couldn't believe I said it, but I just figured if he was joking about it, it was fair game and if he turned into a big baby about it, well then, he would have sucked.

So now, my teenage Blink 182 dreams have come true....sort of...well, the ones that are appropriate to come true for a married lady. ;)

Monday, December 04, 2006

NBT 6: Jesse Kage greets the Kult

sigining autographs.

NBT 6: Joel and Jesse Kage doing stage announcements

NBT 6: where's waldo?

can you spot him?

where is he now?

NBT 6: people watching

i call this look "trash bandicoot".

best. day. ever.

will elaborate tomorrow, but for now here is a picture of me and my new best friend tom delonge. we discussed his penis at length.