Sunday, December 31, 2006

on a search...

Today I went digging and picking through the itunes store looking for new and interesting things on which to spend the gift certificate Rita got me for Christmas. I got a real laugh looking through their archives of celebrity playlists. I definitely found some stuff I liked, borrowing musical tastes from the likes of Ben Gibbard, Elijah Wood, Butch Vig, Kathleen Hannah and others.

I also downloaded the new Arcade Fire single, "Intervention", which made me feel really really warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me think of the joy I felt deep in my core when I was blitzed out of my mind watching the Arcade Fire play on my birthday last year. Raynna, Matt and I went and Raynna and I were cheap and didn't want to spend money on drinking, so while we were getting ready, we downed shot after shot after shot of vodka [I was chasing my shots with a mixed drink! What a lush...] and I remember being afraid of how drunk I was before we even got to the show, so I made them stop across the street at the convenience [sp?] store so I could buy an energy drink to balance myself out. Raynna already had a ticket, Matt and I didn't, so we had to troll for scalpers and we were each successful and in fairly quickly. I found Raynna and we went outside to the smoking area, where we impressively covertly smoked a joint [still amazed that we pulled that shit off - normally I am the most paranoid girl in the world and would never have done that if I hadn't been drinking.] I was bummed in retrospect that I had not given the openers - WOLF PARADE - closer attention as I later fell in so love with them, but I was just not in the frame of mind to think of anything but the Arcade Fire, who played an incredible show. I had a fucking sublime experience at that show, feeling so happy and soulful and pumped right up. Unfortunately, Raynna did not fare as well, but I will spare her and you the details of her unhappy evening.

Anyways, I'm missing my former state of music-devouring searching for new and exciting things in the musical world. So I'm attempting to reclaim some of that mindframe. I really listened to the little snippets for things that spoke to me and here's what I downloaded today:

"Woman" and "Joker and The Theif"' - Wolfmother : I've been meaning to get some of their music for a while - perfect for that retro-feel rockout you've been meaning to have.

"Faking The Books" - Lali Puna : Someone please tell me how I missed this group. Airy, beautiful voices - The Postal Service slowed down and run by some dreamy girls.

"With A Girl Like You" - The Troggs : One of those songs you've heard a million times but you have no idea who sang it. Something you can listen to that your parents will actually like.

"Nonsense" - Komeda : This sounds like it could have been used on the soundtrack the The Royal Tenenbaums - if the Tenenbaums were a pinch more modern - it has that twinkling sound and is sung by a woman with an accent of non-specific origin. Move over, Nico.

"Even Now We Are Preparing To Love You" - Puny Human : I just love their band name. This song should hang out with Wolfmother and have a couple of beers.

"Struggle" - Ringside : This one has just the right beat, it's marching through my head - sparse but hooky. It conjures up a drive through a hot city looking for something sexy. Very hawt.

"Teenie Weenie Boppie" - Free Kitten : Judging by title, you might think it's a kid's song, but it's a band with Kim Gordon in it. No further reason needed. Not kid's stuff.

"Second Nature" - Electronic : A relaxed mantra song. Kinda like the Scissor Sisters if they calmed down and lost the camp. Very vaguely 70's, a little 80's with a chorus built for singing along.

"Perfect Little Secret" - Gary Lightbody : This little gem was an added bonus to itunes deluxe edition of Snow Patrol's excellent "Eyes Open". The perfect song for anyone who's carrying a torch for someone else in secret.

"Evelyn" - De Rosa : This was a pleasant little find from a band I want to know more about. These guys have incredible snapping drums and a little jangle in a song about a girl who's "the product of a life spent waiting". I felt like they were talking to me there.

"Modern Inventions" - The Submarines : Whitney over at Pop Candy has been pimping these guys out like mad, so I felt they were due a little look-see. I love their harmonies and slightly fuzzy sound - they even have a little bit of strings in there - throw in male and female vocals both equal in beauty and it's good vibrations.

So yeah, I downloaded a couple of other things that were not new to me, but just a few. I still have like 13 bucks left, so I may dig some more tomorrow before or after my date to see The Muppet Movie with Rita and her new fellow Juan [who, I am pleased to add, seems to be a very nice fellow - good job, darlin'!]. We shall see, but it's like 1:30ish and I should be getting to bed.

Enough writing for now.

"Stars are good to eat, you know. They taste like wishes." - G.S.


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