Sunday, June 10, 2007

chipotle and reisling

Last night, we had our friend Nicole over and watched Shaun of the Dead. We picked up some Chipotle and a bottle of wine too. Yeah, I don't know about wine and Mexican food, but I liked it well enough. I don't know why, but I had been craving a nice bottle of red. Sadly, it seems I was the only one who likes red, so I had to settle for a bottle of Reisling, which wasn't too bad.

Maybe one of these days soon, I'll just walk over to the Cork & Olive and buy myself a nice Pinot and draw a bath and sit in it and get tossed while listening to music. Have a nice little night with myself. Right now Joel's working two jobs and with my new job, I pretty much only see him on the weekends. I leave for work before he gets up in the morning and he gets home from the second job after I go to sleep.

It sucks balls, I tell you. And not in a good, fun way either, it's the kind of ballsucking that, well, sucks.

Anyways, I love Shaun of the Dead. It's such a great movie. A month or so ago, Joel and I went to see "Hot Fuzz" - their follow-up flick. It was so tremendous we were looking for a copy of SOTD for a while. I have to say after watching it again last night, I think I have a little crush on Simon Pegg, He's cute in a 30-something and British kind of way. Is that weird? Probably not, given my taste in men. It's all over the freaking map.

My stomach just rumbled loud enough that you could probably hear it if you're awake up in Canada. I'm gonna go scrounge for breakfast.


Blogger that one girl with two names said...

"It sucks balls, I tell you. And not in a good, fun way either, it the kind of ballsucking that, well, sucks."

That statement just made my day. =)

I am a HUGE fan of shaun of the dead. HUGE. I love it. (I have a fascination with zombie movies to begin with) But i didnt enjoy Hot fuzz nearly as much. I feel like it took too long to get to the good parts, and by the time it got there, i was bored. My punctuation and grammar is stellar today.

2:39 PM  
Blogger reagan_anne said...

There's something about the British where I don't really care what they look like, the men are just attractive to explains why I've dated three brit-though lineage men...

I like your "nice wine bubble bath" plan, i will have to do the same in the future (perhaps next week)

7:13 PM  
Blogger reagan_anne said...

i tried to leave a comment, i hope this leaves more than one!

Wine + Bath = heaven

you're the best

7:14 PM  

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