Wednesday, May 09, 2007

gwen stefani - ford ampitheatre - may 8th

see that freaking speck down there with the lights? yeah, that's gwen stefani.

i feel like such an ungrateful wretch, but my seats for this show sucked balls. i'll admit it, since i've been with joel, i have become incredibly spoiled when it comes to concerts. i had built this show up in my mind so much and was so excited because i heard i might get to have vip box seats. sadly, the guy who was supposed to get those vip seats went on vacation and forgot to secure those for us, so we ended up sitting in the back of the third tier. i really wanted to pout, but i DID get into this show completely for free. if i had to pay for seats i wouldn't have been able to go, so i thank goodness for small graces.

besides, it was gwen. i can't be upset when she's so absolutely adorable and i get to sing along with her.

the setlist was as follows:
the sweet escape
rich girl
4 in the morning
early winter
wind it up
danger zone
hollaback girl
wonderful life
instrumental intermission
now that you got it
don't get it twisted
orange county girl

the real thing [slow jam mix]
what you waiting for?

my memory is shite, so i actually wrote down the songs she played. her stage banter was sweet. she told us how ridiculously excited she was to be touring again and couldn't beliebe that the last time she was in tampa she was pregnant with kingston. she told us the only reason she goes on tour is to watch the crowds sing to her. she would point down into the crowd and tell members of the audience how adorable she thought they were.

because of how far back i was, i didn't notice that she had warren fitzgerald from the vandals in her backing band! i went crazy when she introduced him. this was even after gwen came up into the foot of the third tier with him and a few band members to sing cool - during which i stood up on my chair to try to take pics. they didn't really turn out that well though.

i know for sure that when no doubt tours to promote their next record i am not only getting floor seats, but i am going to be one of those insane people who camps out in front of the venue so that i can guarantee myself a spot in the front. i enjoyed seeing gwen last night, but i felt so freaking far removed. sure, they had screens up so you could see close ups, but i just felt like i was lacking something in not being closer to the stage.

i have a cold and i was singing along last night, so just imagine what i sound like today. pretty funny.


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