Thursday, April 26, 2007

i'm obsessed.

Since I've been sick, I have been so unmotivated to do anything. So, to take up my lazy ass time, I have been playing Kingdom Hearts. When I lived in Calgary, I started playing it when we had borrowed a PS2 from some friends, but the thing you need to know about me is that I am horrible at video games.
Pathetically so. You know those people who move the controller in the direction they want their characters to go as well as pushing the buttons?
Yeah. That's me.
I used to get so discouraged by the constant teasing of my siblings and peers, that I quit playing video games altogether. When I moved in with the kids in Calgary, the pressure was much less and I started to dig video games again. Now, I have a husband who is a super gaming nerd, so I figured it was time to let the late blooming begin.
Which brings us back to Kingdom Hearts. Equipped with the strategy guide [my husband likes to buy them!], I have been attacking the game when I'm home alone and am actually very pleased with my progress. I just completed the Monstro level and I have only ONCE requested help from Joel and even then, it was only to jump to ledge I have having trouble with. Other than that, I have been doing this solo - bosses and all.
I feel accomplished. When you take into consideration it could take me upwards of an hour to defeat a single level within a world of Super Mario Brothers, you can see why I feel so satisfied.
Now, onto Atlantica! Hooray!


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