Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life is good.

Today a four year old told me that when I laugh at something funny I sound like Jane Jetson.

This pleased me for two reasons - one: Jane Jetson rocks. two: It does my heart incredibly well to know that there is a four year old out there in this day and age of a lot of annoying and terrible children's television prgramming that actually knows who the hell Jane Jetson is.

Also very nice, I got a cheque for $220 from the Alberta government for health premium overpayment - too bad part of it is gonna get eaten up by the conversion, it's still a nice little windfall.

And, I finally have my social security card. I can get a real freaking job.


*ahem* I mean, HOORAY!

No one is more pleased about this last development than Joel.

And you? How are your lives going, my pretty little ones?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAH i am sorry, that four year old is smart... you do laugh like jane jetson! **HIGH FIVE FOR EIGHTIES CARTOONS!**


1:01 AM  

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