Sunday, April 08, 2007

Musical Droolings

Spent my day tracking down the soundtracks to each half of Grindhouse. I can't believe this movie opened at number four this weekend. Okay, I grant, it's not exactly a family-friendly weekend flick for Easter viewing, but I thought that the young hipster population would be chomping at the bit for this movie. I'm not even part of that population and this is already my third blog entry extolling the virtues. That, and many people I've talked to about it have told me they intend to check it out.

Planet Terror's soundtrack is mostly comprised of the movie's score. It's a trippy electric blast of paranoia with a few airy oases. You definitely don't want to listen to this one while out in the dark. We're also "treated" to a song or two sung by Rose McGowan. On their own merit, her throaty singing is pretty lackluster, but when reminded of the movie's context and her appropriately wooden character, the songs fit right in. I have a feeling the main title music of this flick is going to become nothing short of iconic. Just hearing a few seconds of it makes me ready to start the ride all over again.

Death Proof's soundtrack is again a killer Tarantino collection. I highly recomend it. Of course, I'm thrilled they include some dialogue - especially "Whatever - However" between Tracie Thoms and Zoe Bell. [I swear, I have a platonic crush on Zoe Bell. You saw the entry] Never has a soundtrack filled with so much unfamiliar music hooked me so much -scratch that - never has any soundtrack hooked me like this. Tarantino has such a way with music - to a point where it was almost distracting for me in Death Proof. I guess it's just a testimony to my widening musical palette as I age. My ears are so open these days. Actually, I've spent today tracking down the other Tarantino soundtracks. I'm starting to think that I would love to raid his record collection - the man must have a SICK personal stash.


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