Friday, March 16, 2007

procrastination of the highest order.

i am feeling productive and procastinatory [i declare this IS a word.] at the same time. i am supposed to be cleaning, and i AM, but i'm avoiding doing anything intensive.

i hung up my two paintings in the entry/dining area. i superglued the broken piece back onto the battery hatch of my camera only to find that another piece had broken off which was an even more integral part to keeping the camera latched. i'm pondering ways to creatively solve this problem that do not involve the usage of duct tape, but for now, the project is on the back burner.
my paintings are not nearly as nice as those of john everett millais. you might recognize the painting pictured in this entry - ophelia. it's one of the best-known works of art from the pre-raphaelite era and one of my all-time faves. also good are autumn leaves, the bridesmaid, and the blind girl. actually, all of his paintings are beautiful and i know i'm gonna kick myself for missing at least one other beloved one. ooh, the one of the hugenot and his lady. yeah, that one rocks.

it is awesomely raining outside. i wish it was daytime so that i could run around outside. if i was in canada, i'd probably do it, but one of the last times i went out at night some big drunk black dude tried to pick me up. he was very polite and once he knew i was married, he was pretty cool about it. he said that he would still help me move anytime and then quoted some maya angelou and shook my hand a lot.

so yeah. no going outside.
but anyhow, it's 1:29 in the morning and i want to sleep eventually, so i will get back to it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That painting really freaks me out.

11:48 PM  

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