Monday, April 02, 2007

Super Secret Squirrel.

Cripes. I mention babies and children and then I find out two more people I know are knocked up. What's in the water these days? Congrats to Meryl and Heather.

Tomorrow is Joel's birthday. As previously mentioned, we are going to the sneak preview of GRINDHOUSE plus dinner. I heard they made fake movie trailers for the "intermission" portion between the two films. I'm excited. Does anyone know the running time of this monster? It might be a late night.

My friend Rita is coming over. Maybe I should put on some pants.

Still haven't heard anything about my social security card, but we went out for a bite with Andrew and Theresa on Saturday night and Andrew mentioned he might be able to help me snag a job where he works. That might be sweet as we could car pool and it would be a 9-5 Monday to Friday type deal which is very appealing to me at this point.

Had dinner with the in-laws on Sunday night. It was good - roasted potatoes, salad and three kinds of meat. Joel's dad is fond of cooking things in his smoker so they fill it up to the hilt when cooking - hence the three kinds of meat. We got to take home the leftovers, so it isn't all bad. We tried to introduce them to Arrested Development after dinner, but I don't think they were really into it. Oh well.

Joel starts his new job tonight at Bic. He had to take a drug test to get the job and they said the hair on his head wasn't long enough so they shaved both his armpits. I'm pretty sure the hair on his head was longer than the hair in his pits, but listening to him whine about armpit stubble was pretty funny, so it doesn't bother me. :) I hope they switch him to the 3-7 shift so he can work with Nicole. I think he'll like the job a lot better if they do.

It's been very interesting since I've gotten onto Facebook. I've gotten back in touch with a lot of people I haven't talked to in the better part of a decade! It's kinda cool. People are really all over the place, yet they all seem to be on Facebook. Heck, even my mom is thinking about joining! I hope she does, I think it would be hilarious!

Anyways. I love Americone Dream as you can see by the picture. Stephen Colbert, your cold hard ice cream truthiness is music to my mouth.

Rita should be here soon. Pants. Must put on pants. Catch everyone later.


Blogger Rita said...

You could have been pantless...then we could have had a
Pants Party??

yes...ok maybe no.

10:59 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

We're making pants pie. All I need is some vodka and a pair of your pants.

11:06 AM  

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