Friday, March 23, 2007

phlegm means getting better, right?

i just chugged a bottle of glaceau vitamin water in the hopes it will help KO my cold.

i realize this probably won't do jack, but it tastes so good i decided it will help.

i just got back from a walk to walgreens where i purchased said vitamin water along with some nasal spray - gross but necessary - as my cold has begun migrating from my chest to my head.

i just had to open my mouth last week about it had been at least six months since i had a cold. now, i am on day 5 or 6 of this bastard. it started with a sore throat and a wheezing cough and is now a dripping nose and disgusting sweat coupled with a phlegmy cough. mmm. delicious information for you, to be sure.

after today, only one more day til i have a day off. i have been babysitting every single day for about two and a half weeks. i use the term day off pretty loosely though. since i have been sick my home has fallen into a state of mess unseen since i got married and had to start giving somewhat of a shit about what my surroundings looked like. i haven't done laundry in almost two weeks and so really, my day will probably be pretty bustling despite my intention to sleep all day and all night before resuming my babysitting and life-organizing.

i was supposed to get a photo id and a social security card this week, but due to a combination of my cold and the disjointedness [to say the least] of the american bureaucracy, this has not been acheived. it's on the to-do list for next week.

at least i was organized enough to remember to buy my mother a birthday card.
damn, i gotta hit the showers. 45 minutes until i have to sprint outside after the bus that putters past my place once an hour.
[p.s. the snow patrol show on tuesday was really good. i would have rated it off the charts but through no fault of its own, it was ruined by my feeling feverish, cranky, and longing for bed. t-shirts were adorable but expensive. as was gary lightbody.]


Blogger Rita said...

Are you better now? I hope so!!
By the way - thank you again for dinner and Trivial Pursuit
PS. I think I like about 'two' of Gwen's new songs....that's bad isn't it?
Love you and hope to see you again and soon!
PS - Juan started a job today! HORRAY!

10:23 PM  

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