Friday, March 30, 2007

babies and children out the wazoo.

i'm very pleased to have found out today that my friend theresa has found out she is having a baby boy. she and her husband have already decided on his name - cash joseph - which i love to death. he's due later on in the summer and i can't wait to meet him. i told her to put me on speed dial for babysitting services. he's gonna be a cute little handful. very very exciting stuff.

also, i had fun last night looking after gavin and addie, those kids are the most freaking adorable creatures this side of the world. as soon as i got into the van when tonya picked me up, gavin said 'hey miss kristy, you better look in my mouth right now!" the wiggly tooth i had been asking about for the last week or two had finally come out. when we got to the house, addie wouldn't let her mom help her out of the car seat, citing she'd prefer i do it.

i love them so much. last night they were trying to convince me that i should sleep over. when shark came home, gavin was passed out, but addie was still awake and she says to her dad, "um, daddy, miss kristy hasn't ever sleeped over." SO cute.

when those two are as well behaved as they were yesterday, it does nothing for my biological clock. i really hope i get to see how they turn out as they grow up. they're pretty much my all-time favorites out of all the kids i've ever sat for. they have so much personality.

anyways, enough about the kids. i'm off to go look after goodwin. i get to feed him baby food now instead of just bottles and babies make the most hilarious faces when you feed them, so i'm pretty excited about that.

oh, and in other non-baby news - joel got a second job and starts on monday. this is very good news for us due to bureaucratic slowdowns keeping me from getting my social security card and in turn, a real job. he's going to be working for bic - the pen company.

also, we have passes to a sneak preview screening of grindhouse for tuesday - which is also joel's birthday! so send him birthday love. email me if you need his email address.

ok. really have to go now.


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