Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My husband's gonna be jealous.

Tonight and tomorrow Turner Classic Movies is completely indulging my major love of Marlon Brando. In addition to an all-new in-depth two-part profile on Brando, they are running a whole schwack of his movies. My tivo is going to be brimming full!

I'm recording The Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sayonara, The Wild One, On The Waterfront, and The Missouri Breaks [with Jack Nicholson!]. I'm a little bummed they aren't playing Mutiny On The Bounty or Julius Caesar, but them's the breaks.

I deleted Rebel Without A Cause without watching it to help make room, but I'd trade Dean for Brando any day. I'm just that kind of girl.
Man, this weekend I'm just gonna sit around the house in my pajamas having a super Brando-fest. Anyone care to join me? It's gonna be a super sexy time!


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