Sunday, February 25, 2007


Alan Arkin just won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar!
Congrats, Mr. Arkin!
I will never forget that last scene he did before his character died where he reassures the little girl that she is not a loser. It was so sweet.
When his name was called I actually shouted, "YES!"
I wonder if Little Miss Sumshine will win Best Picture....

i am so talented.

today i fell backwards down the stairs carrying the laundry hamper.

laundry fell all over me.

i'm alright, i just scared the living bejebus out of myself.

i'm so agile.

file under sad but true.

i miss marijuana.

i think it was an episode of weeds that said marijuana is bad because it make you okay with being bored.

it's so freaking true.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

happy birthday, dead guy.

today, kurt cobain would have been 40.

when nevermind came out, i was just about to turn 11.

now, i'm just past 26.

[that's going on 16 years ago. eesh.]

nirvana was the first band i listened to that really concerned my parents. a song title like"rape me" should inspire confidence in the heart of a parent, no? what teenager doesn't love lack of parental approval?
i was very much into nirvana, but honestly, came upon them a little late. still pre-suicide, but i wasn't a super-hip 11 year old. i didn't have any wiser, older people to get me into good music early. but anyone who knew me in high school could attest to my bedroom walls being covered in posters of nirvana. i remember buying two copies of certain magazines simply because i didn't want to have choose which side of the poster was going up on my wall because both were nirvana.

do i still like nirvana? yes.

do i still listen to nirvana? not so much.

people like to speculate about what kurt's career would be like now, but really, who cares? we're never gonna know. i'd rather speculate what he'd think of his bat shit crazy plastic-faced widow and how his daughter wants to have mariah carey play her sweet 16 party. oh yeah, and people singing his songs on american idol. i'm sure he'd love that.

happy birthday, kurt. if there's an afterlife, i hope you're doing something fun.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

oh, btw.

my blog celebrated its first birthday on february 9th.

i got it drunk and took it to see some strippers. age appropriate, no?

so beings our alabee...

well, as some of you may or may not know, there is a strong possibility that joel and i may be moving to austin, texas. joel has applied for a job at an alternative station there and last he spoke with the program director, he was telling joel to think about a salary and look into the cost of living there.

he was supposed to hear back from this dude on friday, but didn't. we're not super worried as when he was supposed to call joel at the end of the week the first time they spoke, he didn't call him til monday.

however, joel is kind of feeling like a teenage girl who was promised a call by the captain of the football team and the jock didn't call. so please, focus your warm fuzzy thoughts on this job for him. it's like his dream come true and i absolutely want him to get it.

that being said, while i'm totally excited for him, it's gonna be interesting moving for the second time in less than a year. it's going to be like pioneering. i'm not jumping with a safety net of new best friends like last time, so it's a little scary. plus, you know i'm gonna miss my little brood of surrogate children that i've been babysitting. they've brought a lot of comic relief into my life and made me consider buying stock in advil. it's been a lot of good times.

it's funny. i've escaped winter this year and will likely escape that dreaded first florida summer [not that i expect it to be cold in texas.]

it'll be okay. it's an exciting new adventure that i look forward to conquering. it's a college town, so maybe i can finally get my ass back in class and start putting my now-deteriorating brain back into the gauntlet of education.

we'll see. i'm mostly looking forward to the live music paradise that is austin. i hear there's even a place that serves margaritas 24/7! who could want more?

goodbye donald duck and disney world, hello austin city limits and sxsw!

think good thoughts.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

just the thing one needs at one in the morning.

just as i was getting off to sleep there was some kind of car crash outside my house. i heard the squeal of tires as someone slammed on the brakes and then the crunching metal sound from the crash.

it scared the shit out of me.

now i can't sleep.

i heard some people shouting, but no ambulances have come.


i'm pretty shaken up.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

for fans of HBO's Rome...

I've become a big fan of the show recently and my favorite character is Lucius Vorenus, the former soldier and political pawn turned sinister captain of the Aventine. In my boredom while Joel was working an overnight shift this week, I did a bit of poking around on the internet to learn more about the actor who plays Vorenus - Kevin McKidd.

Imagine my surprise when I found out he was in one of my favorite movies and I didn't recognize him in the slightest. You might recognize him now...

He was part of the cast of Trainspotting as Tommy, the most ill-fated of the bunch who tried herion out of curiousity after his girlfriend left him, only to die an AIDS-ridden junkie.
And it wasn't even the AIDS that killed him. Poor sod.
Anyways, point is, I have a major crush on his Rome character [though it's become sort of conflicted since he's become all dark and tormented...] and when I found out he played Tommy in Trainspotting, it really made me want to see the flick again as I haven't seen it in years. I see no shred of Tommy in Vorenus, perhaps there's some Vorenus in Tommy? He's certainly come a long way since '96. I wonder if now that he's on Rome, he might get some more film offers. Offers that involve him using his own Scottish accent? Hmmm....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

government offices: purgatory for the living

yesterday was the day of the long awaited biometrics appointment.

appointment being a loosely used term thrown around by the government which it turns out actually means appointment to wait for two hours. it was fantastic. you couldn't bring in anything to help pass the time. i was separated from joel who couldn't wait with me, and instead had to sit in another waiting area. then, the powers that be decided that there were too many people in the building and unceremoniously threw my husband out of the building along with a bunch of other people, who strangely, were all men. due to the fact that we were separated, he couldn't convey anything to me about what he was going to do for the indeterminate length of my wait and i couldn't tell him to go out for a drive or something. since we weren't allowed to bring in our cell phones even if they were turned off, i couldn't simply text him and free him from his long wait outside the building, sitting on concrete.

he retrieved his cellphone from the car and called people to eat up all that time.

again, being a biometrics appointment, all i was there for was the scanning of my fingerprints and the taking of my picture. time spent doing the thing i was there for: seven minutes.

a word to the wise: if you are going through processing, do not bring your young children. toddlers just do not have it in them to sit quietly in one place for two hours. it just simply isn't going to happen. it's called a babysitter. get one.

otherwise, you better be willing to endure the scorn of the others in the waiting area each time your child goes into a screaming and crying fit because you've told her for the 27th time she can't get off her chair.

the same woman came into the processing area just before i left and her kid started freaking out. i had tried to help her by attempting to distract the child with some of her toys, but she crawled off the chair again. when i picked her up and put her back on it, she started screaming so loud that they refused to finish processing her mother and told her that she had to come back another day - specfically telling her NOT TO BRING HER KID.

it happened so often, i couldn't even feel sorry for her. after the official came in and told her that they COULD NOT process her with her kid behaving like that, i just looked up, and said, "sorry. i tried, but i have to go." and hightailed it on out of there.

i am starting to firmly agree with theresa's policy of not bringing her kids out in public until they are old enough to understand how to behave while out of the house.

i can't wait - joel and i have our interview for my residency adjustment on march 6th! this means we get to go through all this government rigamarole all over again in about a month! whee!

Friday, February 02, 2007

so gnarly!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

RHCP's sweet set up

anyone know who this dude is?

seriously feel like i should recognize this guy sharing the mic with frusciante. anyone know who he is?