Tuesday, February 20, 2007

happy birthday, dead guy.

today, kurt cobain would have been 40.

when nevermind came out, i was just about to turn 11.

now, i'm just past 26.

[that's going on 16 years ago. eesh.]

nirvana was the first band i listened to that really concerned my parents. a song title like"rape me" should inspire confidence in the heart of a parent, no? what teenager doesn't love lack of parental approval?
i was very much into nirvana, but honestly, came upon them a little late. still pre-suicide, but i wasn't a super-hip 11 year old. i didn't have any wiser, older people to get me into good music early. but anyone who knew me in high school could attest to my bedroom walls being covered in posters of nirvana. i remember buying two copies of certain magazines simply because i didn't want to have choose which side of the poster was going up on my wall because both were nirvana.

do i still like nirvana? yes.

do i still listen to nirvana? not so much.

people like to speculate about what kurt's career would be like now, but really, who cares? we're never gonna know. i'd rather speculate what he'd think of his bat shit crazy plastic-faced widow and how his daughter wants to have mariah carey play her sweet 16 party. oh yeah, and people singing his songs on american idol. i'm sure he'd love that.

happy birthday, kurt. if there's an afterlife, i hope you're doing something fun.


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