Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NBT 6: Tom's penis.

We were in the backstage area after his band's set [we being me, Lindsey and Brandy [the wives of members of a local band [Trace of Day, who opened the show] and all round nice ladies], actually kind of looking to see if we could see Tom as he had become chummy with Lindsey and she had a set list she wanted to get signed. I gave her my mini-Sharpie which I had brought for such occasions. We chilled for a bit outside the Angels and Airwaves dressing room area, waiting for Tom to come by. Some people went in and we were getting restless, so I stepped up to the door and stood on my tiptoes and peeked into the room. Lindsey and Brandy were killing themselves laughing. I didn't really see anything, but a few moments later, someone peaked out through the blinds and then put their mouth between the separated blinds and wagged their tongue at us. Soon Tom came out and so we went over and said hi. Lindsey told him about the set list which he signed. Me, being a dork said, "And I just wanted to say hi again." [as I had already met him when that pic was snapped.] This is what ensued:

Tom: [smiles] Hi again!
Kristy: Hi! [laughs a little bit too loudly and then feels like and idiot] Um, sorry, it's just that my 16 year old self is operating instead of my 26 year old self.
Tom: It's okay, my penis acts like it's 16 a lot of the time.
Kristy: Really? 'Cause for you I heard it was a little... [motions with her hand indicating lower]
Tom: [laughs a little] Actually, my penis is more like 8. I mean, It looks like an 8 year old's. Yeah, my penis is 8, I'm 30, and I'm also 90 in bed.
All of us girls: [laughing] Oh, that's what every girl likes to hear. That's hot. Be still my beating heart.

We talked a little bit more, but that was pretty much the cap of my day. Lindsey said she was surprised he went right to talking about his penis, but I just laughed and asked her if she had ever listened to a Blink 182 record. When I told Kate about it, her eyes got really wide when I got the the part about indicating his penis was much less mature than 16. She couldn't believe I said it, but I just figured if he was joking about it, it was fair game and if he turned into a big baby about it, well then, he would have sucked.

So now, my teenage Blink 182 dreams have come true....sort of...well, the ones that are appropriate to come true for a married lady. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! Oh my...I had to look up Tom 'cause I didn't know which one he was (I know Travis). When I saw his picture, I heard his voice and had to listen to some Blink 182 tunes.


1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are too lucky!
hahah i wish my teenage blink 182 dreams could come true... but mine are more about travis! hhahaha
either way you met them all and I am soo jealous!
A horse drawn buggy with a bunch of carol signing hillbilles just drove by and waved at me... TAKE THAT! hahhaahah
luv ya

10:08 PM  

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