Monday, November 27, 2006

it's streaming on AOL...

I'm listening to Gwen's new album. I am five tracks in and I have yet to hear a song that has really hooked me.

I will grant the fact that I was completely freaked out and didn't like "L.A.M.B" when I first heard it, but this record sounds less like "Gwen does a dance record" and more like "Gwen does an R&B pop record". I don't know if this means the record will be as big as the last one or not or even bigger.

Dunno, but I am starting to miss the Gwen in this picture. Thank god she's been saying she wants to quit doing the solo thing and get back with the boys in No Doubt. I love the lady, but I just do not know if I will be buying this record [much to Joel's jubulation, I'm sure.]. Might be a download a few tracks kinda situation.

However, I stand behind my aim to see her if she tours to support this record. I can't miss a chance to see her because I never have!


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