Sunday, November 26, 2006

under the influence of giants

tonight tree and i went to see under the influence of giants at the state theatre.

good times. saw a first - a debit/credit machine at the merch booth. awesome!

also, i had the shirt i was wearing immediately identified by a boy in a yellow chanel shirt. he knew i bought it at h&m but was fairly impressed when i told him it was at the h&m in amsterdam. i completely thought he was gay, but later saw him locking lips with another little hipster who was decidely very female. he later gave me a thumbs up during the set.

the show itself was pretty good. they played the current single "mama's room", but not too early in the set, which i like. i need to have a little bit of anticipation! they did, however, do something that does slightly irk me - play a few downbeat numbers in a row. i don't mind if a band wants to take it down a notch, but if you do it right after a whole string of higher energy tunes, you can't stay down for long. a breather is good, but let's get back to business.

highlights included:
heaven is full
in the clouds
got nothing
stay illogical

i could have done with a little more of the older material that i recognized, but hey, they were promoting the new record and they played pretty much all of it.

tree seemed to dig the show. afterwards, she picked up the album as well as a t-shirt. i love when i can introduce people to new music and they fall in love. i miss when raynna and i used to burn each other albums to bounce off each other trying to get us into different stuff. maybe tree and i can do that too.


all in all, a good time was had.

[but someone at that show had death gas 2000 coming out of their ass. nasty.]


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