Friday, November 24, 2006

listening to spoon

just have to take a moment to sing the praises of britt daniel.
i love how i can listen to girls can tell over and over and still feel as giddy about the songs as when i first heard them. i feel transported back to standing in the freezing cold waiting for the c-train to arrive and take me home after a night of working at ADT, my heart feeling like it was going to explode.
i was absolutely voracious with this band, downloading every track i could possibly find. i think i have more songs by spoon than any other band on my itunes.
i loved watching the movie "stranger than fiction" and hearing some of my favorite spoon songs at key moments and knowing that britt scored the film.
i have to thank katie for putting spoon on a mixed disc for me. i don't know that i would have discovered them if not for her! :) i can't wait til i get my record player so i can listen to kill the moonlight on vinyl.
now excuse me while i go crazy cause "lines in the suit" just came on.


Blogger Declan McManus said...

dude -- i remember how i came to discover spoon: i went into Play one day and the had it on a listening post and i listened to the first 35 seconds of Beast and Dragon adored, and then nearly half of I turn my camera on and then I stumbled to the cashier in a daze, having pissed myself -- oh, and my brain had exploded in my skull

2:16 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

i swear. i am a spoon zealot. i need them to release a new album so that they will tour to support it.

then i will jump on stage and dance like a spastic mutant experiencing religious ecstacy.

it won't be pretty, but it will be worth it.

2:19 PM  

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