Friday, November 24, 2006

my thanksgiving dinner or talking jive with karl rove

last night, as you may know, we went over to joel's parents' house for thanksgiving dinner last night. smoked turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, some kinda wild rice dish and overly gingered greenbeans. i enjoyed some sangria.

when we arrived, we were greeted by joel's parents, his brother aaron, and a couple who were friends with joel's parents. i believe the woman was a co-worker of joel's mother's. anyways, for the most part it was a nice time. we chatted pleasantly before dinner. turns out the man in the couple [you can see i am horrible with names] is a limo driver who once drove around rap superstar young jeezy - so he's really in touch with the younger folk.

however, after dinner it was time for real agendas to come out - mr. limo driver asks us if we had ever heard of a website called, which according to him is a pull-no punches israeli website that shows us the truth of what is happening in the middle east and backs up a lot of bush's actions. he went on about how bush had to "throw himself on a sword" to keep syria in line and how this website has proof showing where the WMD's are in bunkers in places all over the middle east. he thinks these are the kinds of things the media here loves to hide in order to vilify bush.

this man also had some great views on the environment and fuel crisis. namely, that the problems that we are having with the environment are mostly china's fault. we have high fuel prices because china is starting to consume, not because the west is wasteful of resources. apparently there is no issue with mass-overconsumption in the western world. that's right, we could all drive humvees and it wouldn't make a dent if it weren't for china. joel tried to interject, stating that if we all started to make changes in how we consume energy, it would make a difference in the long to the supply as well as the environment. mr. limo driver laughed and joel and told him he was thinking locally to act globally and that we were supposed to think globally [yet didn't add act locally. hmm.]. i shot back that that would require action and agreement on part of the whole world which, let's face it, is impossible. joel agreed it's easier if we start on a basis we can exert some level of control over rather than expecting the world's governments to provide us with an all-encompassing plan. i mean, come on, let's look at the kyoto accord! the US didn't even get on that train! but when you hear people of his generation talking like this, it's not hard to see why.

i asked joel to show me where the bathroom was so we could get out of there because joel was getting really agitated by this guy. he was completely unwilling to listen to anything joel had to say. i tried to play fair and balance to keep things diplomatic, but it just wasn't working. we sat in the livingroom and watched Entourage and then left for andrew and theresa's place - which was way more fun. no zionist republicans there.

we had a good time christening their new firepit and trying to figure out what the hell theresa's dog bella kept chewing on. she kept finding sections of something that looked like a fossilized cantaloupe rind. at one point, i picked it up and guessed perhaps it was a piece of a broken planter, but another fellow thought it was a piece of a long dead turtle's shell. at any rate, she found probably six pieces of whatever it was and we just kept taking them away and throwing them in the fire to keep them away from her. i met some nice new people - a friend of andrew's named steve and a couple who used to be andrew's old landlords named maya and chris. [i think his name was chris - again, bad with names. i also remember hearing the name paul, so i could be so wrong.] joel ducked out early as he had to work a long long day today and i stayed til about midnightish.

tree lent me two of her harry potter books so i can catch up on my hogwarts. i'm on "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" - i started it in calgary and got close to finishing, but got so busy in the summer i never got around to it. i'm so horrible with books lately, i start something and don't finish it because i pick up something else.

case in point, i have just gotten to the part of the jackie o bio where kennedy was shot. i read all about how bits of his brain were all over her suit and though she cleaned off the brain, she would not change out of her infamous pink suit and pillbox hat because she wanted to show "the bastards what they have done". what balls.

yet, i have also resumed "order of the phoenix". so much on my plate reading wise, but i like it because it keeps me away from the tv. :)

anyways. yeah. turkey day. karl rove. harry potter. bits of kennedy's brain. good stuff.


Blogger lifeindeadtime said...

That and the guy had zero sense of humor.

KARL ROVE: Debka debka debka.

JOEL: Does anyone know how to say "fair and balanced" in Hebrew?

DAD & AARON: *laughs*

KARL ROVE: Actually the it's very impartial.

JOEL: So is the Christian Science Monitor.

DAD & AARON: *laughs*

KARL ROVE: Actually despite the very slight religious angle the Monitor is a very respectable publication.

1:27 PM  
Blogger sunshine said...

Wow. I had no idea that you guys had to endure this before coming over. That's pretty damn funny though. I don't think I would have been able to contain myself through all of that.

Who the hell is Young Jeezy?

9:48 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

tell me about it! your place was a wonderland for commie bastards by comparison. ha ha!

young jeezy is some upcoming rapper. it's hard to keep them all straight these days.

10:39 PM  

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