Thursday, November 23, 2006

stuck at work with joel...

happy turkey day to my american friends.

today, as we are going out to joel's parents' house for turkey lurkey goodness, i came with joel to work so that we could leave from here immediately thereafter to make it there on time for dinner.

however, i would like to be anywhere but here right now, or rather at home on the couch being lazy. last night we were supposed to go to dinner and a movie with joel's friend daphne, but she cancelled. so, in lieu of a night out on the town, we had a night in, playing trivial pursuit and getting drunk on rootbeer schnapps. [hey, i never claimed that we were not supernerds.]

i don't have a hangover per se, but just the type of day after drinking where you're tired, thirsty as hell and want to eat all junk food in sight. we were going to go for a traditional post-drinking meal of greasy fast food, but for some reason in america they like to close even the fast food joints on thanksgiving. i can not remember this ever happening in canada, but i wasn't exactly miss fast-food connaisseur [sp?] up there, so what the hell do i know? we ended up on the lighter side of the fast food spectrum as subway was apparently the only restaurant open. oh well. better for us.

after getting here, i replied to a mammoth email from darryl and another from kat, posted some comments in raynna's blog and then tried desperately to take a nap in the next studio over as they have a huge cushy suede couch. i ended up just watching some bad tv. i couldn't sleep because even though the couch was comfy, the studio was just too cold. i even stole joel's fleece jacket and used it as a blanket, but to no avail. i am now back to my mistress, the internet, even though the computer i am on sucks and everytime i try to log onto myspace it closes internet explorer.

i'm hungry but the banana that i brought is too old and bruised to entice me to eat it.

joel is watching football on tv.


oh well. i'm too tired to be too broken up about it. only about an hour and a half left to hang out here before we hit the road to thanksgiving jackpot dinner land. i can't wait. i want to eat a mountain of mashed potatoes - if joel's mom makes them tonight.


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