Sunday, November 19, 2006

trail of dead show

i had no idea what to expect at this show. honestly, i went because joel was going. i know very little about this band at all, really.

the show itself was okay. there was a good vibe going on that night. the three beers i drank definitely helped. ;) joel and i practically devoured some lukewarm pizza being sold by one of the vendors. we had a great time hanging out with kate and her sister as well as some friends of joel's.

the band took the stage and played for only about 40 minutes. there was this one guy in the band wearing this hat, velvet blazer and retro suspenders [which are making a big big comeback, btw] who i completely adored watching. the music wasn't bad, but there was this one guy who everytime the music go remotely heavy, kept trying to start a mosh pit that no one was interested in. he wasn't letting it go either, he was really smashing into people. loser. then, at the end of the set, the weirdest thing i have ever seen at a show happened.

the guy who had been doing most of the singing that night announced the last song of the night. then, instead of playing anything, paused and proceeded to violently smash his guitar to bits. okay, that doesn't seem too unconventional for a rock show, but it's what came after that was the strange part. after smashing his guitar and dropping the mangled neck, he strode across the stage and shoved another member of the band very hard backwards over an amp and then stormed off stage. the other band members just kind of stood there with shit-eating grins on their faces and we all thought maybe it was a joke. i saw someone go over to the guy who fell over the amp to help him up, but he seemed pissed off and wouldn't accept help. we stood there for a minute or two, waiting for something to happen when the roadies swarmed the stage and immediately started to dismantle the instruments and equipment. we were dumbfounded! we went over to the merch booth so joel could pick up his swag, and i overheard some girl telling her friend that the guy who did the shoving had gotten arrested. now, i don't know if this is actually true, but we all kind of had the feeling like we might have been at the last trail of dead show.

who knows?


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