Friday, November 17, 2006

gwen stefani: the sweet escape

two promo images. happy gwen/sad gwen. [edit: now happy gwen looks like she's looking up at leather daddy borat!! ha!]

these are pretty, but the skin looks a little too shiny in the first pic. woo mannequins are in.

after hearing "wind it up" i am not sure what to make of this new album. i admit, when hearing snippets of the last album before it was released, i was very skeptical. i had this "oh god, what has she done?!?!?" moment considering i was such a fan of no doubt and no doubt it was most certainly not. but then, i realized how much i loved its playfulness, loved the 80's vibe. it reminded me of the fun dancy music i listened to way back when and gave in. it was great.

however, this being said, i just can't get behind the new single. i saw a live video from the harajuku lovers tour in which she performed this song sans yodelling/lonely goatherd and thought it was cute and catchy. now, with this whole sound of music stuff thrown into the mix, i'm just not feeling it. watched the video and was so confused. i know it's supposed to be referencing the aforementioned musical, but dressed as a ghetto fabulous nun one minute and then writhing chained to a fence the next? blonde harajuku girls? solid gold sewing machines? what the fuck is happening here?

anyways, i heard gwen is planning another tour this spring. i have to start saving my pennies 'cause if she comes anywhere near here, you know i HAVE to go. i don't care - even if the new album is a tepid glass of monkey spit - i have been a fan for nearly ever and haven't had a chance to see gwen whether solo or with no doubt. i need to be there. also, you know she's gonna have some sweet exclusive tour merchandise! since there is no way my husband will even consider going, i have already put a bug in kate's ear about going. she seems open to the idea, so we'll see what happens in december when the album is released and touring schedules are announced.

she hasn't let me down yet.


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