Sunday, November 12, 2006

what the new place looks like - so far.

livingroom view one - featuring the giant mirror!
livingroom view two - featuring my angus oblong original artwork above the tv.
ze bookshelf and ze white stripes. [also, you can see into my bedroom closet!]
my kitchen!
what's on the fridge? a bettie page paper doll magnet set, for one.
wall decor and shoes. ooh la la.
the entry/dining area - featuring our massive media collection and the last boxes to be unpacked!

the entry/dining area - through those doors is our deck!

as you can see, there is still much work to be done, i have barely started to decorate, but it is really starting to come together and look like a home rather than a giant pile of boxes. i am so in love with this place!


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Blogger Rita said...

YAY! Pretty photos!! I love your new place and hanging with you in it!! Yesterday was funfun! And we shall have to do it again. And go to Sephora in masks and BEAT THAT GAY MAN! Doofus!
I had a good time as well! Next time we must get Theresa in the mix too!

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