Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cameron the Mermaid and the "real" Borat?

Cameron Diaz is looking totally hot these days! [Though a little more on the skinny side than normal, but don't all celebs lately?] This pic was taken by Marcus Piggott and Mert Alan for the December 2006 issue of W Magazine. I have to say I really like her with dark hair. She looks like a mermaid!

I found some interesting news about a guy who claims he is the real Borat. He wants an apology from Sacha Baron Cohen for making money off him. Read the story here.

Also, thank goodness, our livingroom set arrives today! We're going to have something that resembles a real home soon! Hooray!

Tonight, we're off to chill with Jesse as he broadcasts from the 30 Seconds to Mars show at Jannus Landing. I don't think we're getting into the show because it is sold out, but they're doing this great contest where people have to get creative and make signs, paint their faces, custom make t-shirts, paint their bong - whatever - as long as the handiwork includes both the 97X logo and something about 30 Seconds to Mars; and the winner gets not only entry to the show, but to hang out with the band backstage after the show! And not just one of those go in, get a picture and a signature and leave type deals, they get to hang out as long as the band does! Sweet for a 3SM fan for sure.

Tomorrow, I *might* be going to see a band called +44 [featuring Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, both ex-Blink 182] do a Green Room performance [read: small acoustic set for a small group of contest winners and folks from the station] at the station, which means I *might* get to meet Mark and Travis! I like this because later this year, Angels and Airwaves [featuring Tom Delonge, also ex-Blink 182] is playing Next Big Thing 6 so I am very likely to get to meet him - meaning I may get to meet all of Blink 182, just at different times. My inner-late-teenager is mucho excited. We'll see what happens.


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