Thursday, October 26, 2006

concertgoing i somehow failed to mention...

the yeah yeah yeahs free show - oct 11th: amazing. way up front the whole time. karen o accidentally kicked my water bottle off the stage. i am in love with her now. but no, not because of the water. the band was dressed up in costumes for an early halloween homage. karen was a mummy, nick a vampire and brian a rastifarian. karen alternated drinking beer and spitting blood all over herself and the crowd. the show was frenetic. energetic. insane. i was pressed up against the barrier on the left side of the stage. i can't believe it, but i actually turned down an offer to smoke pot! hahahaha. actually, not that surprised. i don't usually accept drugs from strangers, but i haven't smoked in a while. might have been nice. also made friends while waiting in line with a cool guy who helped push me to the front of the crazy lineup once the doors to the show opened - it was a myspace secret show. you had to have a wristband to get in and you had to wait in line forever to get a good spot once inside. and, the stupid elitist hipster crowd has made me definitely veto any other myspace secret show unless it is someone really really incredible.

jenny lewis w/ the watson twins - oct. 19th: in-fucking-credible. the woman has the most beautiful voice in the world. she played everything i could have asked for. her opening acts were entertaining and the venus was gorgeous. jenny walked out onto the stage in a long black dress carrying a beer. the watson twins are incredibly tall and very beautiful. almost disgustingly beautiful. they also wore long black dresses. part way through the show, they and jenny changed into these little green sparkly dresses and that's when the show really got a kick in the pants. it was so energetic and fun. this show both broke my heart and filled it completely. if jenny comes to your town, for the love of god, go. you will not be sorry. also should mention i met khaela of the band the blow. she was incredibly nice and complimented my shirt. people kept asking her to sign stuff, so i gave her one of my pens. she has the most adorable stage presence and this incredible flow of onstage banter. i was enchanted. oh, and i ran into the guy from the yeah yeah yeahs show out by the merch table! neat!

oh, and no cameras allowed at either show. BOO!

tonight joel is at a guns and roses concert. well, rather an axl and roses concert. it's 1am and he still isn't home as he was still waiting for axl to go on at 11:45. wonder when he'll get home. i was going to go, but joel's brother reallllllyyyy wanted to go and i'm not really a GNR fan, so i gave him my ticket.

so i'm at home playing on myspace and writing this and watching mission hill. woot. i can multi-task.

what's new with you guys?


Blogger Rita said...

DiD Axl stand them up?? It wouldn't suprise me one damn bit.

We need to 'concert' together soon dammit.
And I'm changing my blarg page...but I'm sure you already read that are you are about as devoted to my page as I am to yours.
Hugs oo,

11:03 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said... any particular concert in mind???

And Axl didn't stand them up - he played til 2 AM!

11:44 PM  
Anonymous bglam said...

I like to karaoke "Sweet Child of Mine."

5:47 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

that's a pretty challenging song! go, b!

11:37 AM  

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