Wednesday, October 18, 2006

phenomenal. fantastic.

my dad spoke up and did something that hopefully will end all this family bullshit for at least a while.

i love my dad. and my mom. she had some really great things to say to me last night.

it's so fucking great to know that they're behind me 100%.

so maybe now i get a little peace.

yesterday joel and i went to look at an apartment yesterday. it was the nicest one we've seen so far, not that we've looked at a lot of stuff. we can't get a dog if we live there, but i guess i could settle for a cat. cats deal better with being left alone anyways and once i start working, who knows when joel and i will be home considering his work schedule is all over the place.

we also went to see little miss sunshine last night which was phenomenal. fantastic. go see it.

also, in a fabulous turn of events, my glasses FINALLY arrived from canada. FINALLY!!! i am beyond ecstatic. kat included a letter and some photos that made me laugh my ass off.

anyways, joel will be home from his aircheck meeting soon, so i think i should hit the showers. enough for now. more later.


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