Sunday, October 29, 2006

getting ready for haloweenie!

a little elvis attitude!
le pompadour encore.
me, sans wig.

after a long search we dug my elvis costume out of the storage unit.

i spent a good deal of time this morning messing with this wig to try and get it into a decidedly more elvis-like condition while watching pimp my ride. when i bought it, it was labelled as a "greaser wig". really, it was furry misshapen lump wig. i combed it out a bit and actually put some styling products in it. it's not perfect, but it looks better than last year i think.

i'm excited for phoebe's party. it's been a while since we've gotten to actually hang out, which, incidentally was also a sunday. i think, however, this time i will not suggest that we play never have i ever. it unlocked some very controversial info from her roommate! ooh! scandal! i'm also excited because dick will be there and dick is the bees freakin' knees. plus, i am sure to meet some interesting new people.

i think i have fibers from the frigging wig stuck in my the back of my throat. if they found me dead and sliced me open CSI-stylee, they would have fun looking for the killer this time of year!

i've had a pretty productive day so far. found my camera, recharged an extra set of batteries to take with me in case the ones in said camera die, cleaned up the scary pile of clothes in the corner of the bedroom and even did some laundry! go me!

ooh, and on the moving front, in addition to the free dinette from joel's parents, we have been given pots and pans, glasses and silverware by andrew and tree since they got a buncha new stuff when they got married! those guys kick butt! :)


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