Friday, November 17, 2006

attack of the three-inch cockroach!!!

the night before last, joel and i were enjoying a peaceful night in. he was teaching me how to play final fantasy ten.

as i was vanquishing my enemies or casting a spell or some junk, joel says "oh, i see a roach i need to kill."

as i was engrossed in my gaming nerditude, i wasn't really comprehending the words coming out of his mouth until i looked over and saw this big ugly cockroach crawling out from under our bookshelf!!! [joel said it was about three inches long. ew ew ew ew ew!]

i freaked. i pulled the blanket i had across my lap right up to my chin and tried not to scream like a little girl. joel tried to spray it and it ran towards the livingroom where i was sitting. he hit it, but the little bastard kept running. it ran under the coffeetable and joel couldn't see it anymore. i sat paralyzed with fear under my blanket on the loveseat, praying that thing would not come any closer to me.

joel grabbed a flashlight and looked under the coffeetable, the couch, and the loveseat but could not see the buggy little creature anywhere. after a few minutes of fruitless searching, joel decided to give up for the time being until it was seen again.

i really did not like this, but, considering we could find antenna nor shell of the infernal insect, we had to admit defeat. i kept feeling like there was something crawling on me. i made joel play the game for a while because i couldn't stop looking around me for the vile vermin.

after a while, i settled down. i supposed it had scuttled off into the livingroom closet to crawl into some crevice of our old building. i watched as joel killed evil plants and wretched blob monsters on screen and started to relax.

that is, until i looked over at joel and the offending cockroach was on the arm of the couch - its antennas raised and wobbling, ready for the kill! i screamed and leapt out of my seat and ran into the kitchen. joel quickly grabbed the can of raid that had been on standby on the coffeetable and sprayed at the offending creature. the roach either fell or jumped - i'm not sure which - off the arm of the couch and joel sprayed it again until it stopped moving.

i stood shaking on the other side of the room. i was totally not used to nor expecting to see one of these tiny monsters in my beautiful new home - i'm from canada - we don't have things like that in our house! we get ants, maybe or sometimes spiders! i have to admit total wussery and tell you it freaked me out so terribly i actually cried a little. ants and the occasional spider i can deal with, but cockroaches who run like the devil? NO WAY!

i made joel promise that we would go to the store the next day to buy a whole block of frigging roach motels to help ensure this episode would not be repeated. however, even with our house set up with traps, i spent all of last night while joel was at work worried i was going to see another of those disgusting little motherfuckers.

i'm told this is pretty much a common problem here. in fact, joel even said that he was surprised we hadn't seen one sooner. i am completely unimpressed by this and dreading my next run-in with one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Ack!

We don't stop until our visitor cockroaches are dead. Those fuckers are huge! And fast! bglam

5:13 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

Oh man, I was scared witless. I mean, I know they're bugs, but I just can't trust something that moves that FAST! I'm literally terrified that one will crawl on me!

This may sound silly, but I didn't think they could climb furniture! Now, I am scared of them getting in my bed!

Is this irrational? To be so freaked by a bug that I can kill?

I guess I'll get over it, I mean, I kinda got over my fear of spiders.

As long as they're small. ha ha.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Heather/mamabear said...

BAAA-HAAAA-HAAA-HAA! Oh, my poor Kristy!, but...
BAAA-HAAAA-HAAA-HAA!...and I'm sorry that you were upset. Hugs.

1:44 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

oh heather, i guess that it's true there are prices to be paid to live in paradise! heeheehee.

i am such a dork, but those freakin' bugs scare me bey0ond reason.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Rita said...

I had the same thing happen with my old (as in the building was old) house in Dunedin. Me and My friend Bellomo were hanging after a night of drunk debauchery in DT Dunedin. He went to the bathroom and yelled 'HOLY FUCKING HELL!'!
I run in the bathroom and see a COACHROACH the size of my hand! He takes his shoe off and beat the thing for like 5 just wasn't dieing....
Yeah - they're common down here. Just be glad you have Joel. I have to do that shit on my own...With the occasional help of Senor and Nips

9:38 AM  

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