Saturday, November 18, 2006

agenda for the evening

tonight joel and i are going to see these fellows in the picture - and you will know us the by trail of dead - at the state theatre.

we will be joined by our friend kate and her sisters.

i have never seen these guys live before and don't know the band's music very well, so it should be an interesting experience.

rita said she loves them, so i gave her heads up about the show, so maybe we'll see her there.

i am supposed to be being productive today, but i am feeling incredibly lazy. i guess that's what happens when you have to stay up until between 6 and 7 am and then get up just after 1. NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. hahaha.

damn joel and his overnight shifts and my being agreeable enough to stay in the same sleep schedule!

anyways... yeah. i got nothing. blogged too much yesterday. i'm spent.


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