Friday, November 17, 2006

cheap hairdye: never a good idea.

yeah, in the interest of pinching pennies because i have no job and prefer to spend my dollars on expensive face creams [damn you, biotherm!], i tried using a truly cheap revlon hairdye. i honestly picked it more for the color than the price, but a low tag never hurts and always pleases my husband.

last night while joel worked his overnight shift, i dyed my hair. went okay in the initial stages - head covered, requisite house-protecting plastic bag covering the dye-covered noggin, and plunked down on the couch to watch my stories while i let those magic 25 minutes lapse me into a new stage of blondeness.

well, once i started to rinse, i started to feel an itching burning feeling on my scalp and the back of my neck. [ooh, my head is having deja vu right now - feeling a little tingly as i write this!] i immediately turned the heat down on the shower and stood there, shivering, rinsing with cold water. i ended up not only using the accompanying packet of conditioner on my head, i also sat with my own conditioner on my head for a second round. my hair felt awful! i still want to go buy some leave in conditioner... ick!

i need to start listening to my friends and letting them cart me off to beauty supply stores to work their magic on my mop. this shit ain't cutting it.

color's okay, i guess. oddly though, my roots are still not as light as they should be. my hair sucks up color like a sponge normally, but it wasn't doing its stuff this time. let's give it a rest and let my head and hair recuperate before round two.


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