Sunday, November 19, 2006

goofing off at the trail of dead show

Okay, we were wrong about the show being at the State. Turns out they never moved it from Jannus Landing. Good thing. I had a lot of fun - Jannus is a really cool venue. It's this outdoor courtyard with a bar in the back. During the openers, we sat in the bar in the back as it was kinda chilly outside [yeah, i know, i'm sure you believe me Canadians] and we ran into one of Joel's friends he hadn't seen in a while. For a while it was me sitting inbetween two different conversations, so I started monkeying with my camera. After a while, Joel's friend took off and he joined in. I used the night camera setting because I wanted to capture the red light over us - but it did some crazy things with the lights. Weird.
crazy eyes.

a couple of jokers.

the table.

this is the scariest face ever. he moved while the picture was being taken.

looks like i have a mutating nose.

what you cryin' about?

ooh. blurry. mysterious.

he was burping while this was taken!

my shoe.

scary face.


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