Monday, November 27, 2006

I think "REJECT" is the best description for them...

Another goofy trademark face for fun. [too bad it makes me nose look just slightly large. oh well, it is. i cope.]

Love love love the function of comment moderation - SO much better a solution to immature assholes than just disallowing anonymous comments! This way, the people I know who don't have Blogger accounts can still say their piece, but I can save those sad little cowards the embarassment of showing the world what catty and pathetic idiots they are - not that I need to do them any favors - but hey, I just don't need that shit.

Some of us like to pretend that we are above such pettiness, but it is clear to all that some of us just aren't. No big deal though, karma will bite them firmly in their asses eventually.

Until then, all that hateful bile is dissolved with a simple click of the word "reject".

Ahhhh... bliss.


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