Saturday, July 01, 2006

suite surprise and post-reception karaoke @ the tropicana

before i post more pics from karaoke, i just wanted to take a moment to post some pics that should have actually come before the karaoke posts. during the reception, my poor sick mother took our key and went up to our suite to lie down as she still wasn't feeling well. after the reception, the twins, my dad and kat went up to the room both to collect my mom and to grab their clothes as they changed into their wedding clothes after the "beauty" shop. joel and i did not follow them up as we wanted to go check on his father who had also gotten horribly ill himself - so much so that he was not able to make the ceremony. we wanted to show him how we looked and to tell him that we understood why he wasn't there. he was really in rough shape and i think part of that was exacerbated by his disappointment over missing the wedding. we spent some time up there and hugged him, despite his objections that we might get sick and then headed back to our suite to see everyone. when we got there, our room was clean, the bed was made and the bedroom and jacuzzi area was all decorated with rose petals! they had put out our champagne and written us a lovely note. while they were waiting for us, kat, lynsey and jayme had decorated the room for us! they tore up the bridal bouquet that lynsey caught to put petals on the bed, a trail to the jacuzzi and around it as well. they left two full roses, one of which i insisted lynsey take for her memories as she wouldn't have the whole bouquet anymore. it was incredibly sweet and though joel made jokes about it being weird that my family was helping us seduce each other, i know he loved it too. after everyone left, we had some alone time [hooray] which included [besides the obvious ;)] a soak in the jacuzzi, a bottle of steve's champagne, and a naked dinner party where we feasted on a $140 room service dinner - joel had surf and turf and i had braised lamb chops. it was SO delicious. we also got some calls from friends and family who were not in attendance and we called both sets of my grandparents to say hello. it was really nice. after all of that we were in wonderful spirits and got ourselves ready for karaoke fun at the tropicana!
thanks, ladies. much obliged.
ha ha! gotcha when you weren't paying attention!
oh, how cute!
my sisters - it looks like jayme is wagging her finger at me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mrs. wiess! is that spelled right? I before E right?
I must say i wasnt wagging my finger at you... i was singing! heheh that was the best cheesy karaoke EVER! You and Joel should go on the road as the new and improved sunny and cher...because you both kick ass at singing and entertaining!! You both gave life to that place! Aaron and Lord Darksoul were awsome too though...props to them! lynsey and I made the place sexy! thats just what we do though!
luv ya!


12:23 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

e before i in this case, sadly. ;)

honestly, joel and i sounded better than normal on that karaoke night. i think we were fuelled by newlywed power and the strength of a 140 dollar room service dinner! *LOL*

1:54 PM  

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