Friday, June 30, 2006

dressing room shennanigans

i was so tired and it was stifling in the dressng room, but the excitement was growing by the second. it felt like we were in that room for an eternity before the minister came in to collect kat and then brought me out to my dad for the walk down the aisle. i wasn't really nervous, but i was totally shaking when i took my dad's arm. i think it was more akin to stage fright than cold feet. i was wondering what it would be like to see joel standing at the other end of the chapel. just a few minutes before we went in, my mom came to see me. she hadn't been able to come to the salon with us that morning because she was horribly ill. she had called me at 8am with this sad tiny voice telling me she had been sick most of the morning and that she was so upset because she had made a point not to drink alcohol or eat anything crazy so she would be in good shape, but seemed to have caught some kind of bug. i told her to lie down and joel went to the drug store and fetched her some gingerale and otc remedies while we went to the salon. so, when she came around that corner it was the first time she saw me all made up and she just burst into tears, her voice got all choked as she told me how beautiful she thought i looked. she hugged me and hurried off to the chapel so we could get the show on the road.


Blogger sunshine said...

Ahhh. Beautiful (like there was ever any doubt), mixed with that goofy Kristy flair. Now the real question is what shoes did you decide on?

8:05 AM  
Blogger lifeindeadtime said...

Shoes that kept her shorter than the groom.

10:28 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

they were white flats that i got at payless, i'll see if i can rustle up a pic.

2:31 PM  

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