Thursday, June 29, 2006

more freemont street

the most hilarious find on freemont. i thought these types of people travelled in packs, but this lady was out there all on her own. she wanted to be a buzzkill and remind us that we're all heathens on a path to the apocalypse, but really, she was just a cliche to most of us, albeit it an entertaining one. i'd never seen this type of thing outside of tv and movies.

mmmm...giant strawberry daquiris. your tongue will be stained bright pink if you drink them, but i don't think they have that much alcohol in them. i loved that they dispense them from slurpee machines. refills are three bucks.
this picture has a neat story behind it. you see, my dad is involved with the shriners' organization and as we were wandering down freemont, we were walking behind this group of gentlemen who had the shriner's symbol on the back of their shirts. my dad caught up to them, said hello and gave one of them the secret handshake that only the shriners know and they went bananas with excitement! the group was with a chapter from los angeles and they chatted with my dad for a bit and snapped this picture! i thought it was especially great because i always picture shriners as a bunch of crazy old white men, which these guys are clearly not. my dad said it was the first time he was surrounded by a group of six big guys and wasn't scared he was gonna get his ass kicked.
i met my hero elvis!
cory danced for the man who played saxophone!


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