Thursday, June 29, 2006

the dancing fountain at the bellagio hotel

these pictures do not do the fountain justice. it was actually pretty frickin' sweet. if it wasn't so hot out and i hadn't just drank two giant strawberry daquiris down on freemont street, i might have really enjoyed it. instead, after watching the fountain we were treated to a mile long walk on baking concrete back to the hotel while i fought off the urge to vomit on the men who were trying to give us cards with the numbers of hookers that i could order up to my room in 20 minute's time. you see, apparently if you are a cab driver in vegas you are an asshole who won't take people anywhere unless you pick them up at a casino. jerkwads. you can't flag them down. along the way back to the hotel, we stoppped at a CVS so i could get some water and ran into aaron and mike - who was at first taking a leak on the side of the CVS. they buggered off to gamble i think and joel and i went back to our suite which was later filled with people drinking beer and recalling the night's events.


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