Thursday, June 29, 2006

blogger must die.

okay, after allowing me to post six pictures it seems blogger now refuses to comply and post the rest of my freemont street pictures. BLARGH! *shakes fist* it let me make an entry with three more pictures then said it couldn't connect and erased the entry! boo-urns!

so in the meantime i will tell you in vegas they have legalized prostitution, which i'm sure is not really news to a lot of you. but, it seems they have these weekly free papers which are filled strictly with ads of hookers and strippers. we opened the bins and gleefully pulled these magazines out with the intention of giving them out to our pals back home. we each opened a door on a rack of about six different choices of magazines when i heard a chorus of screams from my sisters as they jumped in the air! i look down on the sidewalk and see a huge tan cockroach scuttling to get away from us as everyone alternated between laughter and disgust. most of us discarded the papers after that, but i held onto mine to give to matt when we got home.

also of note was the booth on freemont street where one could get their picture taken with a real live chippendale dancer or two. we giggled at it as we walked by, but cheered when we saw this sweet little old lady, likely in her eighties, putting her head between the man boobs of one of the chippendales as she got her photo taken with about the biggest smile on her face you've ever seen! then, she switched and snuggled up to the other one for another picture! nice to see people of all ages living it up.


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