Friday, June 30, 2006

okay then.

so blogger likes to be a pain in my ass yet again. it's stopped putting photos in my entries. i upload them and then it says they've been uploaded and i hit the little "done" button and no picture shows up in my entry field.

this is SO fucking annoying. so yeah. there are more post-reception karaoke pics coming. i swear. it just might be a while.

it's disgustingly hot in my room. it's like trying to hang out in an oven or something.

yesterday kat and i put together more travel arrangements for europe. originally, we were overly ambitious about how much we were going to see, but here's the plan as it stands.

aug 12, 13 - rome.
aug 14, 15, 16 - fly to rotterdam on a cheap flight, take hour long train ride to amsterdam and chill out.
aug 17 - travel by train back down to italy, arrive in naples.
aug 18, 19 - naples, pompei, capri [capri can be done on a day trip.]
aug 20 - stay in small town outside rome
aug 21st - leave rome on flight at 740 pm.



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