Friday, June 30, 2006

frustration gives way to a glowing review!

i wrote all this really great stuff about my wedding day in a blog entry and it all got deleted. so, due to aggravation and wanting to throw my laptop out the window, i am skipping ahead and posting the pictures of me with penn and teller which are from our last night in town.

teller was a total doll. when i asked if i could have a picure, he said it would be his pleasure. :) very soft spoken, as you'd expect. i totally felt like a little kid watching teller's goldfish trick. he also signed an ad for the show for me, as did penn.

me and penn. he's crouching down to my level a bit in this pic, but the man is hugely tall. he's like 6'6, so over a foot taller than me! he was really cool and called everyone "boss". super nice guy. these two stayed out in the lobby signing autographs and taking pictures with fans well after the show was over and accomodated everyone. completely refreshing to see.

their show was awesome. well worth paying 85 bucks to see them. if you're in vegas check them out. they change up their show every so often, so i'd probably go see it again if i ever go back. it had everything - fire eating, jazz music, goldfish, knife throwing, shadow puppets, a rabbit in a woodchipper, joke telling, the juggling of broken bottles and a trick that involved penn and teller shooting bullets at each other's faces and catching them with their teeth. i was not bored a single moment in the 90 minute show. they have their own theatre in the rio - it's a little off the strip, but you won't pay too much for the cab. i doubt very highly you'd be disappointed by these two.


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