Sunday, January 07, 2007

"m-o-o-n, that spells tom cullen."

met the baby i will be sitting. his name is goodwin and he's super cute.
i'm going for a trial babysit on thursday morning. then i start for reals on monday. very excited.
oh yeah. they also have three chihuahuas!
tomorrow i will [hopefully] be getting a haircut! thank the freaking gods. i have been in need of one way too long. it's gotten to the point i have been contemplating cutting part of it myself, which, for the most part, has not usually turned out well.
i love and hate snow patrol. stupid sappy ballads being so pretty i can't stand it.
today i realized that i have always adored michael j. fox because he looks like a less-freckled version of the boy i had the hugest unrequited crush on in elementary school. i never noticed it until i was watching the end of 'the secret of my success' today.
i'm such the biggest dork.
i am tivo-ing stephen king's 'the stand'. i can't wait to watch it. i wonder if it will be shitty by today's standards? probably, but i don't care. it'll be a good way to eat up a bored and rainy day.
anyways, i've got an appointment with some dishes that sorely need washing. i'll catch you later.


Anonymous heather said...

'for reals'? That is too cute. It's mine now. Haha! Oh, and Snow Patrol. I'm comfortable with the sappiness
:0P We're going to their concert in spring. Who? What? Where? Heather at a concert? Lol. Yup! AND I went to Evanescence a couple of weeks ago. I know. I just keep on getting cooler and cooler. I can't stop. It just can't be stopped.

1:12 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

I adore Snow Patrol. I saw them last year in Calgary and there was hardly anybody at their show. I also swear I was the second oldest person there. I say second oldest because some kid was there with his mom. They are a very good live band, so you should be in for a treat.

I love concerts. I am going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight and I have the best tickets I have ever had in my life - seated floor seats - row seven! this is gonna be SO awesome. Gnals Barkley is opening too!

In April, I have a busy week in which I will be seeing Brand New, Muse and the Killers.

If you have never heard Muse, I strongly suggest you check them out. They're like Radiohead if they learned to rock out and have an amazing huge sound but they're only a three piece. I met them about two years ago and their singer was one of the coolest niceset celebrities I have ever met. We sat and talked for literally an hour.

Anyways, enough babble, listen to Muse.

10:21 AM  

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