Monday, September 11, 2006

a healthy sense of outrage!

watching tv is making me feel awful sick today.
is it just me or is it a form of child exploitation to have children - who were barely even born when the word trade center collapsed - talk and give their "opinions" of what happened on september 11th, 2001?

watching a preschooler tell me that "6 or 7 people got killed" and "4 or 5 got hurt" on september 11th or that "the terrorists didn't have a big reason" for what they did or that the person who told them to "do it" was "that evil guy. what is his name again?" makes me wonder what future generations are going to be taught about the events of that day. to see a child in front of the camera saying they have bad dreams about an event that took place in their infancy makes me wonder if a piece like this is coached or scripted. honestly. it's a piece that was bloody designed to galvanize a nation against a number of people we are "sworn" to hate and fight against when most of us don't even know why we are supposed to do so.

i'm not trying to downplay the events of that day. no conspiracy theories or any of the like. i am not going to say that what took place was not wrong and should not be dealt with. what i am saying is that there are times when media manipulation goes too far. and i will say, no matter if you agree with me or not that a piece like that is quite near to an abuse of what that day stood for and meant to the world and the american people. it's an abuse of what that day meant to me!
i may not be an american [yet], but i still remember how it felt, staring at the tv with my jaw hanging open watching the towers fall. i remember feeling like something even more awful was going to happen, reminding myself that the first world war was sparked by the death of one man and this was thousands. i remember talking to friends who lived in major cities who were wrestling with their fears that something similar might happen in their town because they had no idea how widespread such plans might be.

remembering all these things makes me sick to see such a cutesy and innocent disguise on such blatant propaganda. exploit our children to make the point? should this be tolerated? they're the future - how are we supposed to ever work towards peace when we fill the future of our nations with the image that the people who oppose us are "evil"?

i'm glad i'm getting out of the house today, because if i had to look at the tv much longer i would have thrown it out the window.


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