Friday, September 01, 2006

wisdom tooth extractions suck...

i had a fabulous time yesterday with the whole extraction situation. first off, the sedation pills didn' work so well. i felt a little dizzy when i first got to the office and they gave me another pill. i don't know if it was nerves or what, but it just wasn't really working. i ended up taking 5 before i was loopy enough. then, the freezing needles didn't really work that well. i had about 20 needles in my mouth. that was cool. especially the really painful ones in the roof of my mouth. those were great. but as for the extraction part itself, it wasn't too bad. basically, just the sounds were what freaked me out.

for the most part, when i haven't been sleeping, i've been pretty independant. i don't know why, i have to confess usually i kinda like being babied when there's something wrong with me, but i guess maybe i was just doing what felt natural. but nonetheless, big big thanks to kat for being my nurse [even though i unintentionally locked her out of my room - ahahaha] and to jonathan for stealing a van from work to bring me home. you guys rock!!! :)

i slept from 12:30pm yesterday to about 5 or 6, was up getting some juice and talking to my roommates and their guests - kat's brother norm and his gf teresa - they brought their cat. i wasn't up very long, took some more tylenol 3's then went back to bed. i slept until about 1-1:30am and then i called joel. i talked to him for a bit and then slept until 4am, took more meds and went back to sleep til about 7:30-8am.

well, i'm wide awake now. i went to the bathroom with a flashlight and looked inside my mouth because i'm curious like that. it looks really unscary in my mouth. just swelling and stitches. i'm starting to really notice the facial swelling now. it's not gargantuan or anything, but it's still something. at least i don't have any bruising yet!

i took two tylenol 3's and i'm still feeling some pain. i'm thinking of calling the dentist back about it, but i want to wait. i'm still a little unhappy over my last call.

you see, in addition to having my wisdom tooth extraction, they were also supposed to fix a broken tooth. turns out the broken tooth requires a root canal, joy of joys. so i ask them for an appointment and the receptionist starts going "hmmm...well..." so i pipe up and tell her that it has to be done before september 19th because i'm moving and she tells me there aren't any appointments available before that. i am not amused. so, she says she will talk to the dentists and call me back.

she calls me back and says she can get me in with dr. palmer on the morning of september 7th. so, this week it's wisdom teeth out and next week a fucking root canal.

i know, i know, at least i'm getting it all done before i move away, but seriously this blows. in the space of two weeks i will have spent 6 hours in a dentist's chair for the price of about 2700 dollars.

i just realized i haven't eaten anything in over 24 hours. i'm not really hungry, but i did stock my fridge with nice soft foods - pudding, yogurt, and apple sauce. i also have popsicles and soup. hooray mushy/liquid diet.

damn did i ever have some weird dreams last night. including one in which i was taking pictures of my friends swimming in a giant pool with some whales and i dropped my camera down to the bottom of the pool, which needless to say was extremely deep and i was horribly traumatized by the fact that nobody would help me get it out. the whales were amazing though.

i want my husband to wake up so i can talk to someone. i already called my parents and woke them up [oops!], called my roommate at work and typed this blog. i'm boooooored! don't really feel up to doing some packing yet, but considering i have to go back for a root canal in a week, as soon as i start feeling better, i'm gonna have to get on it immediately. maybe tomorrow or the next day.

anyways, i should probably eat. and maybe watch more of the office. lord knows i can't get enough of that show. i'll probably blog more boredom later.


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