Tuesday, August 29, 2006

let's play happy/crabby!

things that are making me happy:

- two weeks exactly til joel gets here! [september 12th!]

- not long after that, i get to see my family at my aunt's wedding! [sept. 16th woohoo!]

- and not long after that, i am finally moving to florida! [september 19th!]

- kat comes home tomorrow!

- my dentist no longer thinks i have an infection, he agrees the swelling in the back corner of my mouth is from my impacted wisdom tooth.

- i found the cutest bath toy for my second cousin neils. it's a blue octopus dressed like a sailor!

- i have made packing progress despite feeling like a boatload of smashed assholes. i am also pleased to report i have not taken a t3 since about 9am. that's pretty sweet, considering in the last 36 hours the pain was so bad i was taking them in two's.

- i can hear someone washing dishes. this means i don't have to! yay! [edit: false alarm.]

things that are making me crabby:

- i need a haircut. and some hair dye.

- people who don't return calls or emails! boo-urns!

- taking two different prescriptions - one that causes diarrhea and one that causes constipation. you'd think they'd cancel each other out, but really they create a super special condition i like to call constirrhea. i've said too much already, don't ask me to explain it.

- the fact that being ill and in pain makes for packing procrastination. i really haven't done as much as i should have done by now.

- impending dental surgery! today my dentist offered to remove my top two wisdom teeth to try and eleviate some of my pain, but i chickened out because it wouldn't have been under sedation and i would rather get it done all in one shot.

- my doctor's office has informed me that i can not get an appointment for an already overdue physical until october 3rd when i move september 19th. time to harass my doctor!

- i have like 62 zits on my face. [not pictured]

- i am so bored and do not feel like doing anything. restless yet ambitionless, that's me.


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